Washington – Milwaukee 110:105

Basketball player Tomas Satoranský sat in third NBA game, behind only Washington on the bench, this time watching home victory Wizards 110: 105 over Milwaukee. Czech national team struck out five December games to play only one, moreover, only sporadic in less than four minutes.

The surprise of Saturday’s program was tall defeat the best team of the league Golden State on the court Memphis 89: 110th Grizzlies have succeeded for the sixth time in a row and a major share of that had Marc Gasol and Tony Allen, who took care of everyone by 19 points. A double-digit score but recorded five more teammates in the second half of the household worked up třicetibodové leadership. Best scorer opponent Kevin Durant with 21 points, suffered scale still 17 Stephen Curry.

“We can no longer play much worse,” he minded Warriors coach Steve Kerr after only the third defeat of the season. “Nevertheless opponent deserves recognition,” he added. “Memphis us off balance right from the start of the match and we are unable to dig out of it,” said Klay Thompson, who had eight points for the first time in a season to settle for a single-digit contribution.

Masterpiece Cleveland beat Charlotte 116: 105 and LeBron James missed a single rebounds to profit triple double. The 44 points he improved seasonal peak and 10 assists vaulted over the target of 7,000 in his career. He is the only player in history who has accumulated at least 27,000 points, 7,000 rebounds and 7,000 assists.

Triple double narrowly escaped and James Harden (18 points, 9 rebounds, 16 assists), which Houston won 109: 89 over Dallas. Quarterback Los Angeles Clippers Chris Paul flashed 20 points and 20 assists without a single loss balls. His team defeated 133: 105 New Orleans. “The losses, that’s the first thing to look at every game,” he treasured Paul faultless performance during the warm events.