Wagner about the power of Karvina: I’m very surprised to be able to beat anyone

On his performance, Karvine fans were especially curious. What is it, the striker Tomas Wagner was the biggest reinforcement that the newbie made to the cadre during the winter break. In the match with Mladá Boleslav he did not pass the goal. But feeling on the pitch definitely was. He wrestled, fired his opponent’s defense, and was twice close to the goal. In the first half, he missed his head. After 90 minutes, the away team failed to deal with a good exchange of passes on the right and chipped it past the keeper to score the 0 – 4 goal. It would have been if Wagner did not score a jumping teammate.

It happened and the condition of the match remained undecided 1: 1.

The favorite of the match was definitely Mladá Boleslav. But it was Karvina, who was clearly closer to victory…
“Yes, I agree.I think everyone who saw the match, and we in the cabin, feel that the way we worked it out was the victory. We were leading, but we got such a stupid goal. And we’re sad because we’re here to defeat Boleslav in that match. “

Did you expect to give such a performance as a team? What about the strength of Karvina after the few weeks of joint preparation before the start of the spring?
“I have been thinking about it for quite some time what it will be like in the league. When I came to Karvina, we were able to play just as well as the two next matches we were preparing to play as well as against Boleslav. But the league is always different. And we still managed to transfer it to her.This team has a lot of strength and I’m a little surprised from the first moment I’m here. I look forward to the next games.Because I think we can win everybody we get into. “

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