The Slovaks were playing with new meters, Vujtek would take Mikuš in the World Cup

MUNICH. Slovak hockey players did not disappoint on the German Cup, although after a promising Friday’s win over Canada they finished third. The remaining two matches against the Germans and the Swiss lost 1: 2

They did not disappoint in particular the coach Vladimir Vuitek, who characterized his fourth German Cup during his performance on the Slovak bench as much better than a year ago.

“Last year, we were not happy at all, we just skittered out here, now the players took the maximum from their own. It was important that we did not fall in any match. Against the Germans, we had a great deal of pressure in the end, against the Swiss, we were two minutes away, “Vujtek said.Read also: The Slovaks played with Hanlon Switzerland, finished third Puk dropped from the catch

Branislav Konrad had two matches. The first winning 4: 1 against Canada, the other on Sunday against the Swiss we lost 1: 2 even after the unfortunate goal in our network.

“Damage to the first goal, the puck dropped from the trap to the gate, I’m sorry. In the third third, the Swiss played excellent defense, had three chances, two goals.We played just as well as Canada, but we only scored one goal, “Konrad said.

“Both games caught me well, we won against Canada and got one goal, so it was definitely a better match on my side,” he added.

On Saturday against the Germans he caught Marek Čialak, who scored two goals. “There is not enough to score one goal today and that’s why we lost,” Vůjtek said. Conrad’s puck fell out.

Although we did not get many goals, the coach’s overall defensive was not very much appreciated. “Many have caught the goalie after defeats in the defensive third. The best defender was Juraj Mikuš.Because he did not play against the Swiss, we were expecting more defensive defenses from the defenders, but the attackers returned well, so the whole five played defensively. However, the attackers should have scored more goals than against Canada, “Vujtek said.

If someone were to be taken to the May World Cup in the Czech Republic today, it would probably be just Juraj Mikuš of Sparta Prague. Overall, he would have been able to see a maximum of five to six players from his choice on the German Cup, which he did not change.

The captain of Ivan Švarný did not feel like playing an inexperienced team in Germany. “Players have already played a hill, whether in extralige, Czech league or abroad, so they know how to behave on ice.In addition, we are talking about what we will do, “said three captains.

He personally understood Juraj Valach, but just as the coach says, “everyone left everything there. And if she missed the experience, she replaced her fighters. “

Vuitk performed the performance of Švarny with words:” Unfortunately, he played only four matches in the club all the time, so he can see that he is missing practice, Is very well prepared, “Vujtek said.

The Kvarti in KHL for Minsk does not play, as the team has a quota of foreigners, so Ľubomír Pokovič is not going to play. Kotvan: Every opponent played another hockey

The premiere in the jersey was experienced by up to seven players, mostly extraligists.Defenders Lukáš Kozák, Adam Jánošík, Oldřich Kotvan, Tomáš Bokroš and strikers Roman Rác, Lukáš Cingel and Dalibor Bortňák.

“I felt a little nervous about the first game. The second, third I have already felt better. I played as in our competition, I was not nervous, I was playing well, “Zlin Oldrich Kotvan said.

“Every opponent played another hockey. Canada was playing everything in the goal, the Germans were waiting, they did not go as far as us. This is a great experience for me, of course it is good for me in the future, “he added.

The name Adam Lapšanský is on the table of the German Cups at the top of the table. HC Košice scored three goals, one in each match.His performance also laughed to the coach Vuatek, who was a bit overwhelmed by the lack of art or the quality of our players at the end.

Lapshansky is very effective in the national team and has scored 6 goals in 9 games.

“We’ve had a few laps, too, many wailing falls. My goals are good, but if they lead to victories, it would be better, “said Lapshansky. “I was the whole tournament as if I was in Slovakia,” he added in a praise to a large group of Slovak spectators in view of the Olympic Stadium in Munich.

The Slovaks who came to the stadium were mostly Easterners working around the Bavarian metropolis, some of them arriving only this weekend, because the highway from Bratislava takes just over five hours.Aside from the Slovak, Kosice, Nitrianske and Trenčianske jerseys appeared. Lapshan goal against Switzerland.

The Slovaks played against Canada and Germany with special body equipment used by Germans in the football, but the trend is also transferred to ice hockey.

“The system can locate the player with an accuracy of one square centimeter. For example, it takes into account the maximum speed or skewed distance, “said our team’s video analyst Igor Andrejkovic.

“The meter was more comfortable than a sporttester that is attached only around the circumference of the chest.It had straps and was firmly fastened, “said Tomas Marcinko.

In the match with Canada, SZLH Marek Viedenský, Radek Deyl, Tomas Bokros, Tomas Marcinko, Ján Sýkora and Patrik Lušňák participated in the test.Martin Bakos, Vladimir Dravecky, Juraj Mikus and Ivan Svarny were tested against Germany.

Most of the Slovaks were crowned by Vladimir Dravecky (7728 meters), the fastest was Patrik Lušňák (32.82 km / h) and Juraj Mikuš (124) had the most sprints and acceleration.

The scientists who invented the devices have revealed that the figures of Tomáš Marcinko and Juraj Mikuš belong internationally among the best.

Both coaches were very positive for the coach, whose results were not surprising. “As I said – Mikus played very well and Marcinko is a fighter, he is going to go all the way,” added Vužek.

Goals: 36. Lapansky (T. Sýkora, Cingel) – 45. Martschini (Haas, Suri), 46.Walser (Wieser, Simion).

Judges: Rohatsch, Vogl – Kohlmüller, Müller, 2: 5 for 2 mins, power play: 0: 0.

Slovakia: Konrád Svarny, Valach, Deyl, Kozak, Kotvan, Janosik, Bokros – Bakos, Vencesen, Dravecky – Rac, Marcinko, Lusnak – T. Sykora, Cingel, Lapansky – / P>

Switzerland: Zurkirchen – Schlumpf, Ramholt, Leeger, Hächler, Kparghai, Kienzle, Fischer – Bertschy, Scherwey, Froidevaux, Baltisberger, Bodenmann, Schäppi – Martschini, / p>