The players came in better than last time, Kozak reveals

SENEC. The Slovak football team played in the Senate on Monday morning against the EURO 2016 doubles match with Belarus (October 9 in Zilina) and Luxembourg (October 12 in Luxembourg) was without a pair of middlemen Juraj Kucka and Marek Hamšík.

Both should arrive at the Sun Lakes in the evening.

Trainer Ján Kozák welcomed twenty-two nominated players. Fifteen of them had been trained in the local NTC before the official start.

In addition to the baga, they easily pulled their legs under the supervision of the traditional coach Martin Rusnak. The program of the first day of the day closes the signing ceremony at the Bory Mall in Bratislava, at 19.00.

Slovakia is a milestone from the historically first prize in the European Championship final.In the home match of the C-group qualification with Belarus, respectively. In Luxembourg, he is missing one victory for the sake of direct progress from the second place.

“Twenty-two players are here, some have been training more, others less, the two nominees – Juraj Kucka and Marek Hamšík are on their way, and they should arrive in the evening as they have canceled their flight,” said Kozak.

“Their match showed that Naples is somewhere else, his players are playing more, so he also won 4: 0 on Milan AC.” The AC Milan and Naples fight also fight two Slovaks.

“Marek had an unpleasant personal jury with Juraj, but I believe that it will not be serious. I hope Marekov’s ankle stood and he just kicked it.The other players came in a better position as they were ahead of the double-handed match against Spain and Ukraine, “added Kozak.

His choice is lacking right defender Peter Pekarík, Bundesliga assistant Hertha Berlin injured in the last match against Ukraine And had to go to the shoulder operation.

“I do not have a lot of options on this post. Gyömbér, who could be an alternative, has a card penalty. “I do not know what to do, but I’m not sure what to do about it.”

The team is returning to the team, Jan Ďurica, but he did not play for Lokomotiv Moscow for a minute.Back is also the wingman Vladimir Weiss from the Catholic Lekhwiya SC.

The desire of the Slovaks is to speculate the progress in front of the home audience. “We would like to take the last step in front of the good fans in Zilina, but to respect football as it is,” says Kozák.

“It is not easy to win today, but I think we have the quality that the players are going to end up in the end.”

“BATE Borisov has had a very strong AS Roma in the Lige Championships, so Bielorus must have its quality, with six players in the club, plus a lot of players from the Russian League, “Says Kozak.

“But we have strength too.It’s going to be a hard game, but we’d like to make it. “

The team captain Martin Škrtel is currently in the C-group table in second place, losing two points to the European champions of the continent Spain 1. Spain 8 7 0 1 18: 3 21 b 2. Slovakia 8 6 1 1 13: 5 19 b 3. Ukraine 8 5 1 2 12: 3 16 b 4. Belarus 8 2 1 5 7:14 7 b 5. Luxembourg 8 1 1 6 4 : 19 4 b 6. Macedonia 8 1 0 7 6:16 3 b

Before the third Ukraine with 1: 0 in Kiev and home draw 0: 0 in Žilina better matches, leads Slovakia with three points.

Theoretically, it will move even if it does not get hold of, but it would have to be the Spaniards in the last fight.October to win in Kiev or Ukraine would have had to play in Macedonia before.

The Slovaks can move to the sixth qualification for ME. They did not succeed in the previous five attempts to advance to the Continental Championship.

Spain – Luxembourg / Logrono /

Belarus – Macedonia / Borisov /

Luxembourg – SLOVAKIA / Luxembourg /

Ukraine – Spain /