The investors are interested in the debt Sigma, the city wants the stadium

The two-league club SK Sigma Olomouc, which is long-term loss and faces 10 million debts, is interested in several investors. The meeting has progressed with one candidate who wants to earn at least 51 percent in the club, Mayor Martin Major (ODS) said today. At the same time, the City Hall is preparing to buy a substantial part of Andro’s stadium, which should be partly financed by money from the sale of the city’s stake in SK Sigma Olomouc.

“There are several interested parties. It is not Asia, Africa, or America, and it’s an investor that can be reached, a name that will not be particularly surprising, “said Major without further details.The councilors about the forthcoming transaction at the beginning of next year will inform the representatives who will have the final say. “January is a league date and we have to bring some peace to Sigma,” Major said.

A favored investor requires at least 51 percent of the club’s shares. According to the Major, it has not yet been agreed, which owners should buy shares in Sigma. About one third of the club’s share capital, which is 273.5 million crowns, owns the city. Approximately the same share is held by the businessman Josef Lébr and the association of SK Olomouc Sigma MŽ. One of the options considered is that the majority stake for the investor will be created from the shares owned by the town hall and Lébrem.Major argues that the city does not stick to maintaining a blocking minority. “We say we definitely do not have to, and we do not want to be, a dominant shareholder, we want to be more socially involved, and if we have one or five percent of the shares, I’m not able to say that now,” said Major.

But the city hall wants to get the football infrastructure it owns now. “We do not say that all, but in the future we definitely want to have a decisive word about the use of real estate,” Major said. The city is particularly interested in the main stand and the Andro’s stadium’s operating facilities.According to Major, the property of the stadium should ensure that the football club in Olomouc will be able to recover at any time in case of problems.

The money raised from the sale of the city equity shareholding in SK Sigma Olomouc according to Major will not suffice to cover the Andro’s stadium purchase price, Whose total value was estimated by experts 200 million crowns. The remaining part of the purchase price does not plan to pay the city from its own budget. According to the Mayor, it may be gradually offset in the following years with the rent that the city would charge to the club. “We’re tuning the model,” said.

The new investor will have to hide with SK Sigma’s million debts. Sigma football has been lost for several years.In the financial year 2015/2016, the club reported a loss of 25.7 million, and its shareholders owed 71 million crowns to its shareholders due to operating loans. At the end of 2014/15, the club had accumulated a loss of 98 million from the previous period.