The gold in the men’s team was won by Finns Niskanen and Jauhojärvi

Social. Finns Iivo Niskanen and Sami Jauhojärvi won the gold medal in the team’s sprint with a classic technique at the Zoo in Sochi.

In the dramatic finale, they beat the 23: 14,89 min and a straight lead of 0.97 against the silver Russians Maximo Vylegjanin and Nikitas Krjukov, the Swedes Emil Jönsson, Teodor Peterson (+15,12). The Slovaks Peter Mlynár and Martin Bajčičák took the 9th place in the second semifinals and the 16th place in the overall ranking.

The final of the men’s team was decided in the second half of the track. The French did not start, the remaining nine teams were held side by side in the first three segments, after which the favorites were filtered.The Americans and the Czechs were already lagging behind in the fourth quarter, on the contrary, on the other hand, on the fifth place, an elite trio with Germans, Finns and Russians was created.

They were clearly looking for the medals, but the finisher brought the drama to Nemca Tim Tscharnke’s fall before the target level. The winner was Fin Jauhojärvi, who in the end defeated the attack of home Krjukov and came for the gold.

The Germans finally remained without precious metal to the 7th place, bronze took the Swedes before the triumph of the Vancouver Norwegians.But the Germans immediately filed a protest against the results, Jauhojärvi said they crossed the way to Tscharnka before entering the finis. “I could not avoid it,” the German representative said.

The miller first handed Bajčička to the 6th place, the second member of the Slovak mini-bag fell 3.8 km by five bars below but was still in contact with the best.

In the middle of the semifinal there was a group of nine teams, including the Slovaks, but in the fourth section Bajčičák started lagging behind with a significant loss of 15.95 seconds.At the end of the Manko Slovak Pair, it has risen, but in the competition 12 starters have maintained the 9th place with a loss of 1: 31.93 min on the winning Finns. Men’s Teamprint (6×1,8 km):

1. Ivo Niskanen, Sami Jauhojärvi (Finland) 23: 14,89 min,

2. Maxim Vylegzanin, Nikita Krjukov (Russia) +0.97,

3. Emil Jönsson, Teodor Peterson (Sweden) +15,12,

4. Ola Vigen Hattestad, Petter Northug (Norway) +18,66,

5. Dario Cologna, Gianluca Cologna (Switzerland) +21.01,

6. Simeon Hamilton, Erik Bjornsen (USA) +35.06,

7. Hannes Dotzler, Tim Tscharnke (Germany) +42.13,

8. Nikolaj Cebotko, Alexei Poltoranin (Kaz.) +46,49,

9. Martin Jakš, Aleš Razým (Czech Republic) +46,94,

10.Cyril Miranda and Jean Marc Gaillard (Fr.) did not stand the final,

from the semifinals: 17.

Peter Mlynár, Martin Bajčić (SR)