Tailor: I need goals and add assistance. In the representation he wants to be a leader

It is not kept. Midfielder Ladislav Krejci knows well that he has a bigger share of responsibility in his changing representation than before. That he should be one of the leaders? “Yes, I also feel that way,” says the Bologna Italian bell. They try not to think, but rather to have fun. This was also the result of an important qualifying match against Norway, which the Czechs beat 2: 1 and remained in the game of the World Championship in Russia.

Against Norway, he showed what was waiting for him. Active power and assistance before the first goal. The defender Ladislav Krejčí stepped in from the right.In an interview with the daily Sport, Krejci commends co-operation with Bec Pavel Kadeřábek, evaluates the representative autumn, speaks of his role as a leader in the national team or what impresses him on the Italian league.

Great relief after winning over Norway?
“I would not say relief, this word is not appropriate. But, of course, we wanted to make the fight, we knew what we were playing. We all have this approach, I’m glad it did. “

How was the week before the match? Did you feel pressure?
“We all realized this. But on training or when we were with the guys, I did not feel any panic that anyone was afraid.Everyone is aware of the importance of the game, so everyone is ready to handle it too. “

Do you personally have a recipe to not pressure yourself?
“I think it will come with experience. The games you play and the situations in which it gets under pressure. There they will try it. Everyone has their own recipe, I try not to think about it, I rather try to have a lot of fun, laugh and do not think about it. “

Coach Karel Jarolim before the match indicated a reward in “Swordsmen”. Was it a theme in the cab?
“We were kidding but we were not there. We all know the coach well, so we know it was exaggerated. Of course we drank him a bit, but only in fun.”

” That nowadays it is a lot of things in the world that have players across the leg. What I had the opportunity to try it now is the advantage that when you get a balloon you have more options. When you take it in the middle, you can play cross, perpendicular, you can shoot. These things are more than when you play left. When I have it on my left leg, the defender gets ready and closes it, a man takes the ball in the middle and has it on his weaker leg. Then it’s harder to create something. “

Like Robben? It was not a premiere

Is this a nice alternative for you?
“Yeah, that’s right.Even in Italy, I’ve tried it a couple of times, we were throwing the sides. It was not quite a premiere. “

The qualification for this year’s year ends. How do you rate five points earned after four matches?
“We all wanted to have more points, but unfortunately we did not. I think the first home match with Northern Ireland was good, but unfortunately no goals. As for the match in Germany, we were clearly a worse team and it turned out as it did. With Azerbaijan, we were unable to get into their defense, it was a stumbling block. We are now taking it. “

How far is the world championship now?
” Everything is still far away and there are plenty of things to do. There is really everything in football.We will concentrate on every match that is now coming and we will want to handle it, step by step and see at the end what it will be enough for. “

The role of the leader? I feel so

How unpleasant it was before the match to hear that you were not the only one in Cyprus to score a goal?
“Critics never listen well, personally I’ve experienced some of it, and I know it’s unpleasant. But one has to deal with it, of course we were not happy that we did not give the goal. But at the moment, it is important that we do not get involved in this and concentrate on the match that comes and put everything in it. I think we did.I’m just glad this is how it happened. “

After the EURO came a lot of changes in the team, several experienced players ended. Do you feel that your position has changed? That you should be one of the leaders now?
“Clearly, I also feel that way. When I look at the nomination and how many startups I am, I’m among the more experienced, so I think it should be seen on the pitch as well. “

Do you take this role? >

“I’m glad if it’s more expensive for a player. It’s nice, on the other hand even a bit tangled. But as I say, from this I try to get rid of it, It’s like I have confidence and I want to use it. I’m trying to help the team.That’s the only thing I’m concentrating on. “

When you did not score a goal in the first three games and had offensive problems, did you feel it was your responsibility?
“Sure. I admitted I was one of the more experienced I was an offensive player. We did not give a goal to the match with Norway, I realized that there was an important goal in the match, or to play it. But I do not think I was the only one, the offensive was aware of it. We worked well for the defensive, but the offensive was not that good. Now we have two goals, and we have other dangerous situations. “

The change of team is also related to the fact that coach Jarolím is still looking for a set. How difficult is it to play each match in a different composition?
“I do not think it’s a problem.This is linked to the fact that some players have ended, plus some players have been dropped due to injuries, and now they are looking for the optimum composition. We need to get out of it. I have the advantage of having played a lot of players in Sparta, whether in a puppy, a backyard or a racket. “

The 1992 Year Still in Touch

From your strong year of 1992 that passed through Sparta, you are in your representation, Pavel Kadeřábek, Jakub Brabec, Jiří Skalák What do you think you have already come to such a meeting?
“For us That’s great, we all wanted it, and when we were young we hoped we could get high this time, but we certainly did not think we were going to be in such a number We’re glad we’re here We are.On the other hand, it is also the responsibility, it is about taking it and dealing with it. “

You are all already abroad. Staying in touch?
“Yeah, I hope we’ll be in contact with each other, even after a career. We write to everyone practically daily. It is great. I would add David David, who is a year older, but we have been together for a long time. “

How did you gain experience in the Bologna in Italy during the autumn?
“I’m so glad I got into the basic set and that I can get started from the beginning. Matches are physically and tactically demanding. I think that man is growing up in football, but also in life, because he is alone and has to deal with everything.That’s what helped me. “

Your past has been talking about your transfer, but you were in Sparta. Do you think you chose everything and did the right thing when you play the Italian league regularly?
“It’s hard to judge because I do not know what it would be like if I had done it before. But I never wanted to run from Sparta, I always wanted it to make sense to me and the club. I think the transfer to Bologna met it. I always wanted to try the Italian league, there was an interesting offer. Then I talked to the leadership, I liked how they treated me. I wanted to use it.I’m glad to push myself into the basic set, but there’s still plenty of work to do to make me more productive. “

What attracted you most to the Italian League Your expectations now, when Serie A is playing?
“I like the league. I think I’m well equipped with tactical thinking. That’s very important. “I need to score a goal and add assists

How do you feel about your club position? Among other things, you have already been the marketing face of one action.
“The position is improving by getting on the base line.But I needed to score a goal and also add some assistance. It would be super. In every match I go with the fact that I want to give a goal. I believe it will come at the right time and it will be an important goal. “

What about the fans? Do you know?
“I think I already do. I quite often take pictures of people. It’s very nice. It is not south of Italy to make people crazy. We have very nice fans. I have to say that I like how they behave towards the players. “

How do I study Italian?
” I continue to learn lessons with Hungarian Friend and teammate of Ádám Nagym. I have to say that this is improving. The easier it is to understand, the worse it is with speaking.But I’m glad I can squeeze something out of myself, although I do not want to sit down with a journalist like that and tell it. ” “Of course. When I can, I’ll look at their games. Sparta is still cheering and I wish it to be the most successful. “

What do you say about her latest results?
” Unfortunately in the league loses to Pilsen. On the other hand, hat the mine, as they manage in the European League. Nine points are super, I think after the first match in Southampton no one really believed. As for the league, the lead of Pilsen is nine points, but I believe that by the end of autumn the loss will be thinner and that Sparta will still be defending the title in the spring. “