Strachová fell on Thai boxing: A coach I can already kick

Large opponents Maria Höfl-Riesch and Marlies Schildová had ended a career, skier Šárka Záhrobská but has completely different plans. Just returned from a training camp in Argentina and is always looking for new ways to improve. In the summer appeared Thai boxing and have managed to hoe shins.

Why did you choose this optional sport?
“All summer, I go Thai boxing to slightly improve its dynamism and aggressiveness. As I always blamed my drive that you are such very good, so we chose this technique of Thai boxing. “

Have you found yourself in aggression?
” improved it. Of course, I will never be such a bully.When I arrived at the beginning of the coach, I said that in any case I will not dig. Now he provoked me, that I can kick it up. So somewhere we moved. “(Laughs)

How much will it cost bruises?
” Now it’s good. From the beginning, before the man foxhole shins and a few bruises were, here and there on his knee. “

helps you news and skiing?
” I felt that Muay Thai is not a great workout. All I would recommend it for fitness and dynamism. I felt that to strengthen the torso, legs, hips, which are much needed for skiing. There it was obvious. Aggression and dynamism is mainly on the head, psyche, what I would like.Even there it got better. “

Does rivals that boxing?
” I think I know, but she also know what to do in the summer season. Box for me, especially the change, something to cheer preparation. When you go to thirteenth season in the World Cup, you need something that you enjoy and motivates them. “

Will your thirteenth and last season?
” Let yourself be surprised. I myself do not know. It may be the last, but not necessarily. I do not know myself. I let myself be surprised, let us surprise you too.I will follow your intuition to me after this season, he said that there I stay. I even got on this road to learn something. “

What are your ambitions?
” Maybe poposouvat turn on, seek those boundaries to fill the reserve to I feel there yet. Motivation is still a lot. Mainly it’s still about exploring their options where I can get. “

In the past, you have a lot of thinking about getting a small globe for the overall victory in the slalom World Cup, how this objective can see now?
“I was able to stop thinking about him so intensely as before, and I must say that it helped me.And I admitted that it can be done, but not necessarily. Before I approached it: That’s how I imagined it, that’s how it is. A man was bound to. This year’m going with that, for it will do my best, but I’ll be surprised what comes up. “

following its disease did you come back to the broader peak last year already in the top ten, eat now a return to the podium?
“of course. If I did not feel in themselves the potential and desire to win, so I left it.”