Stones gives a goal “Southampton”

Stones gives a goal “Southampton”, and the judge takes a goal from Stones

Now, after the incident, the defeat of neighbors, loss of points, “Manchester City” does not seem their fans so sad. Maybe they’re already about her at all forgotten. Especially because this draw itself does not give the fans reason to be sad for a long time, because in many respects it was donated, “Southampton” by the “Manchester City” and a side judge and not pushed “citizens” from the first place.

On the other hand, is very positive for the fans, “ICJ” – but above all for the fans of other clubs – there may be reasons even cheerful optimism. For example, it is unknown what and who uchudil in the next match, “Manchester City”. It may, for example, the company somehow accidentally score an own goal kick? Or, Sterling will run and driblingovat, will have one-on-one with the goalkeeper, and at the most crucial moment he zapletutsya legs and he falls?

What? After all, almost everything was, and two Missed penalty in the same match, and bloopers Bravo, and slipping at the crucial moment Fernandinho, and now already – a great opponent of assists Stones. And all this for some two months. Boredom is clearly not necessary.

But when something like tragicomic scene in the game “citizens” must end – obviously, when the team fully master the game of new coach. Because if slipping and Missed Penalties – it’s common moments, not connected with the style of football and tactics of a particular coach, the Bravo errors and yesterday Stones – this is a direct consequence of still not fully understand and performance pans Pep Guardiola. Moreover, the Spanish specialist puts perhaps the most difficult task in front of players. But it’s good, they like, not just talking.

Not a day in Manchester. When a neighbor has died more than korovFoto: Skysports,

In general, the match was notable not only for error Stones and its correction, which is unfair not credited judge, and not only dreaminess commentator, but also the fact that Guardiola has once again “guessing” game to rebuild his team. In the first half, Sana’a and Stirling played, respectively, on the right and left flanks, as it made for lefties and righties in modern football. But no sharpness of the attack on them, nor on the team almost no. And in the second half, Guardiola changes Sana’a and Sterling flanks and in addition produces a second striker – Iheanacho to now, as follows from the logic and follow the game “citizens”, the first two sweep in the penalty area to the two strikers, not shifted from the flank or stuck in dribbling, as they did in the first half. And what? Nine minutes into the second half, “Manchester City” compares the score after lumbago Sana’a from the left flank and strike Iheanacho. Despite the fact that in the end it was not possible to win – after all Guardiola understands something in this game.