She has taken on known tennis players and is now the top one

BRATISLAVA. Slovak women’s tennis never had a need for talent, but not always after a successful junior career.

Experts are not worried about growing young Karolina Schmiedl’s Kosice. The sympathetic Kosicek praised the Igor Moska interview in the SME interview a year ago, who said that besides the talent, she was also conscientious and hardworking. She confirmed this to junior Roland Garros 2012, where she got to the final. She has clearly overcome her famous names.

Last year she started playing women’s tournaments. Darilo is at the events of the lower category.

More significant success on the WTA main circuit came this week. She first moved from qualification to Polish Katowice and then succeeded in the first round. She has been overtaken by Shahar Peer of Israel and France Alizé Cornet.The former world eleven had allowed only eight gems.

“The qualification finale gave me self-confidence, I gradually rejoiced and did good performances. I am particularly pleased with the first round against Cornet, as it is the 33rd player of the world. It was my life, of course, “said young SME’s tennis player.

In Katowice, she went off in the second round with Petra Martichova, but she should move a bit higher in the rankings, currently at 186th. Patricia Kvitova is eager to oppose her performance from previous matches against Croatia, in the third round, her model, Petra Kvitova, is waiting for her. “I like Petina’s game, I’m sorry it did not work out.I did not do a good job, Martičová did not do so much error. “

In Katowice it was confirmed that the best performances Schmiedlová is collecting clay. “I always thought I would be better on the harde and according to my style of play. But after these successes, it is rather crazy, especially faster than what was in Poland and is also in Paris. “

Our tennis player is a quality service. It also has a rare phenomenon when it has a better look than a forhend.

“I have good legs, I will come back a lot. Also, I am satisfied with the service, it is only a matter of time that I will not transfer the trained things to the match. It’s all about my head, I have to work the most.I have to believe more. “

The coach of Milan Martinco, coach, admits that the transition from junior tennis is a huge jump especially to WTA tournaments. “It’s a different level, last year I played with much weaker players. Now, I have to keep improving to score points and move at least a little bit higher in the rankings. “The aim of the top 100 is the goal of a talented player to fight in the hundreds, preferably by the end of the year. “I would like to be in the hundreds at the end of the season, but when I do not, nothing happens. I will be happy, even if I get among the top 150.It’s really hard, because I have to defend all the points and make it twice to win. “

Schmiedl has already qualified for Roland Garros, where he wants to compete for the main competition.

“I’ve been waiting for three more smaller tournaments before, and the dream is to kill Roland Garros. I look forward to Paris, I played very well last year, and hope to do that, “added the two-time best juniors of Slovakia, who can also be represented in Moscow. The Federation Cup is nominated as a substitute.