She came, she threw, advanced. Špotáková is in the final of the shot putter succeeded only Marcell

continuously updates | Czech javelin thrower Barbora Špotáková not in today’s qualification for the European Championships in Zurich no problem in the first attempt lightly threw 59.99 meters and easily advanced to Thursday’s final round.

also fared well tyčkařce Jirina Svobodova defending champion, which to the split victories in qualifying could first successful attempt at a height of 445 cm and in the fight for a medal will today also Jan Marcell, who advanced as one of the three Czech shot putter.

the semifinals of the run-up to 400 meter hurdles this maximum 49.90 Michal Brož, while others are excluded pole-vaulter Romana Maláčová and Rebeka Šilhanová, Diana Mezuliáníková in the 1,500 meters and javelin thrower Nikol Ogrodníková Petra Andrejsková, all čtyřstovkaři Daniel Němeček, Patrik Šorm and Jan Tesař, and both steeplechase Lucie Škrobáková and Lucie Koudelová.

“It saved me 99 percent of the energy,” he rejoiced with a smile Špotáková in allusion to its present performance.Allegedly threw roughly 70 percent. “Just yesterday a little journeyed back, so I have to go to physiotherapists, to be ready on Thursday,” she said. “I’m going to concentrate on myself and think of seventy,” she added.

Writing Svobodové two attempts at the first attempt looks easy, but apparently it was not. “It was a terrible toil, it was very difficult. When we were told that we proceed, so I somehow all relieved,” said Svobodová.In addition, it bothered getting up, waiting for the results of the second group, and sunshine. “Shone into our eyes, but the final it will be a different race,” she said.

Munchausen missing 5 cm

The bronze medalist from last year’s indoor European Championships in Gothenburg in the shot put Ladislav Prášil occupied in qualifying the first not to proceed thirteenth place, Tomáš Staněk was right behind him fourteenth.

Marcello managed to advance a long throw 20.09 meters, which although was a centimeter shorter than the required limit, but twenty-nine shot putter and discus thrower was eighth and advanced and in his first major final of his career.

Conversely Prášil this year because of injury worries and demonstrated performance of 19.83 meters and the procedure he missed five centimeters.Staňkův power had a value of 19.61 meters. The finale is scheduled at 19:34.

“For me it is a tragedy to race at ten in the morning. The second and longest throw was thus securing 70 percent, perhaps it will be better tonight,” Marcell hoped. He knows he has to power around 20.60 meters. “But I have to throw her head, not by force,” he said. “The medal will be on the border of 21 meters,” he said. He regretted that promoted itself. “Man is dissipated when there are not alone, they are friends,” he said.

The competition decathletes with Adam Helcelet after the third discipline shot put into the distance moved into the top ten with a gain of 2514 points, Junior World Champion Jiří Sýkora’s twenty-first (2358) and Marek Lukáš a place for him (in 2321).Helcelet threw 14.90 meters and balls on his performance from Götzis (8001) is running ahead 22 points.