SBV Excelsior – PEC Zwolle 0:2

Britain Soccer Premier LeagueHome Excelsior failed to confirm the role of favorite against Zwolle and eventually his rival lost 0: 2nd He scored his fourth defeat in this year so as to strengthen its crisis. With ten points and so far it remains in tenth place. Guests on the contrary, gained after winning the previous three encounters seven points and moved to thirteenth place with nine points, despite playroom’d be much worse than the SBV.

In the first half more actively enter the domestic footballers, who had all along territorial supremacy, but landed was an opportunity to see a truly scarce. Excelsior threatened from set pieces, especially the corners, but could not get long to finish. Roughly half an hour after the game Mattheij header after a free kick after heading next. Approximately ten minutes before the break firing Bruns, PEC goalkeeper van der Hart tamed the ball on glove.

Immediately it dangerously Koolwijk shot, but his attempt was among the touched three didnt succeed. The biggest opportunity opening act was seen in the 38th minute when after a center from the right was shot next home touched left stick. In the second act came better Zwolle and suddenly leading netted a goal in the 48th minute. Mokhtar ball won and then presented it to the front of the net nabíhajícímu Queens Menigovi who calmly ruffled network.

Home from now on added momentum, but they are on the offensive failed, their possibilities in vain after the final přihrávkách inaccurate or thoughtful work defensive Zwolle. Guests relied mainly on quick counterattacks and shot from the middle distance, but the goalkeeper Muyters had for a long time no work. Guests ultimately insure their lead two minutes before the end of normal time, when pushed Django Warmerdam.

That was after a quick combination of the right wing and subsequent pass from Thomas whipped up three defenders into the penalty area rival and then headed towards the left goalpost precisely, van der Hart had no chance to intervene. In the remaining course of the Excelsior had nothing speechless and Zwolle received a very valuable three points. SBV in the next round will come on strong ground Ajax Amsterdam and so it will be very difficult test PEC home of welcome rookie Gi Ahead Eagles.