Qualifying shock: Greece’s footballers have succumbed to the Faeroe Islands at home

For the past five years, the Faroe Islands have won a single contest and have won the opponents’ court for thirteen and a half years.

In Greece, however, they have used the desperate forms of the 2004 champions who, after the arrival of coach Claudio Ranieri, have lost one point from four qualifying duels and lost all three home games, plus no goals scored.

Faeřané at the stadium in Pireu hit twice And then in the 61st minute they decided to score Edmundsson. Outsider, in the final spasm of Greek pressure, saved the bar and could only celebrate the fourth competitive win in history and the first bet365 online fogadási since March 2001, when he succeeded in Luxembourg.The group is led by Romania thanks to a 2-0 victory over Northern Ireland. Portugal after a sensational defeat at the beginning of the qualification with Albania has suffered further domestic troubles, this time with Armenia. The bronze team from the last European championship was offensive in the offensive for 72 minutes after relegating Ronaldo and as in the previous match in Denmark he made the 1-0 stunning win. The Real Madrid star has become the leader of the historical racing table of the competition, while Ronaldo has scored 23 goals in the sum of the qualifiers and final tournaments of the European championship.

However, the group of the team is leading the Danes who have more to play.Today, they took advantage of the fact that Serbia, due to a disciplinary punishment for a failed duel with Albania, entered Belgrade without spectators and won 3: 1.

The German world champions at least made a bit of a taste after hesitating in the previous two matches Which they gained only a point. Against the newcomer and apparently the biggest outsider of the Gibraltar qualifier, they did not accept the slightest complications, even though the settlement of the historically highest win in the 13: 0 competition at bet365 internetes sportfogadás San Marina in 2006 was a long way off.

The first two goals were given by Thomas Müller He became the sixteenth German representative who overcame 25 goals in the national team. Gotze added Gotze to third and after Santos he scored his own goal.The Germans took advantage of the fact that Scotland defeated Ireland 1-0 in the derby, and both teams scored seven points. Poland has three points more thanks to the 4: 0 victory in Georgia.

The qualification continues with the next weekend matches, and the Czech team will compete in a direct duel on Group A against the Icelandic leader on Sunday. >

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