Puskarčíková as a machine gun! Fire in 19 seconds, then ruin at seven o’clock

Draw five blacks and run for victory. However, the biathlete Eva Puskarcikova hesitated after three flawlessly fired shootings at SP in Anterselles, Italy, and fell from the first place to the thirteenth.

That would be fame! When Eva Puskarcikova arrived on the firing range for the fourth time, the auditorium was silently silent. Until then, she was shooting at Antersello as a wild west gunship. Fast, first item even for unique 19 seconds! “It was a centerpiece, beautifully handled,” praised the coach Zdeněk Vítek for Czech Television.

But also exactly. Puskarčíková did not miss the first three shots.But now…

The first morning and the place of applause was disappointed with the exhalation of the tribunes.

“The first morning was nice, she was just next to seven o’clock, then a little bit nervous but did not slow down, / P>

The second blow and black did not turn in white again. And the other exhalations of disappointment.

“Both wounds went down and then slowed down,” said Vitek.

Puskarčíková was the fastest on the shooting range. The four items burned out in a minute and 34 seconds, 19 seconds faster than the other in the ranking, representative colleague Lucie Charvátová. But in the endurance race, every mistake means a minute punishment, and three wounds next to the top ten were not enough.

“It blew one from the left, one from the right.Somebody else was blowing, someone less, the wind mixed up a lot, “Vítek said.

Even worse, the Czechs were doing better on the shooting range. Veronika Vítková did not score five times, Gabriela Koukalová and Lucia Charvátová six times.

“Gabi had a bit of a turning wind at the first glance, one of them fell for four hours, all standing upstairs,” said Vitek. “He deserves praise for the run, but he was not so successful at the shooting range. Damn every wound that falls next. There are a lot of things to be done on Gábina, so it was not possible to race. “

Women – Endurance race at 15 km: 1. Dahlmeier (Germany) 44: 48.7 (2 minutes) 2. Chevalier (Fr.) -3.8 (1) 3. Runggaldier (It.) -46.0 Habert (Fr.) -55.0 (2), 5. Hammerschmidt -1: 16.2 (2), 6.Hinzova (both Germans) -1: 19,1 (3), 7th Hojniszova (Pol.) -1: 37,8 (3), 8th Podčufarovova (Rus) -1: 39,8 9. Hildebrand (Germany) -1: 45.1 (3), 10. Hauser (AUT) -1: 48.4 (2),…13. Puskarcikova -2: 23,6 (3), 24. Koukalova -4: 02,0 (6), 32. Charvátová -4: 56,4 (6), 61. Vítková (all CR) -7: 08,9 (5 out of 26 races): 1. Dahlmeierová 615, 2. Koukalová 604, 3. Mäkäräinenová (Fin.) 594, 4.

Dorinová Habertová 560, 5. Wiererová (It.) 442, 6. Hildebrandová 398,…8. Puskarčíková 373, 22. Vítková 222, 46. Charvátová 61, 77. Davidová (ČR) 13.