Nico Rosberg won Monaco for thirty years after his father

MONTE CARLO. Grand Prix of Monaco was won by German Nico Rosberg, but his countryman Sebastian Vettel won the most. The world champion has significantly increased the lead over the biggest competitors in the title fight. Michael Douglas, Cameron Diaz, and Leonardo DiCaprio. The Monaco Grand Prix is ​​the most exclusive but also the slowest of the F1 calendar.

The narrow sea lanes almost do not allow you to overtake, the average speed is the lowest of all circuits. Rosberg has today confirmed that the starting position is half of the win. In the beginning without any major changes

The first advice was given by the Mercedes, followed by a pair of Red Bull riders.Shortly after the start, Vettel tried to get Hamilton ahead of the other, but Brit resisted and the Mercedes remained at the front.

In the opening round, it was already a traditional fellow team match this season, this time with McLaren, when Sergio Perez attacked Jenson Button on the border.

Otherwise, in the first part of the race there was nothing revolutionary, the drivers on their foreheads checked their positions. In the third of the races, the aviator of the first stops in the boxes began.

An important moment came in the 30th round when Massa bucked up its Ferrari. Paradoxically in the same place and in the same way as in yesterday’s qualification. Accident, safety car and race interruption

Safety car was signaled right after the next round.The Mercedes riders – still without the tires – were immediately headed into the boxes. After leaving, Rosberg held the first place, but Hamilton fell behind Vettela and Webber in fourth place. This moment later turned out to be key.

Following the departure of the safety car, Alonso attempted to finish fifth in the sixth position on the fifth Räikkönen, but in the 44th round he only defended the position of the ravenous Sergio Perez due to the illicit shortening of the route.

Two crashes later came the next crash. Pastor Maldonado suffered a heavy impact after contact with Chilton, scraping a part of the side barrier and practically closing the track. Safety car was no longer enough – The Grand Prix of Monaco was at 46.Bicycle suspended.

Meanwhile, the line commissioners punished Alons for an unwarranted defensive maneuver, and had to leave Perez’s place when the race was restarted. Later on, Suttil and Button got ahead of Spaniel.

In the 63rd round after Ricciard’s accident, the safety car came back to the scene. Even though Rosberg had a four-second lead, even after leaving the safety car, his first position was defended by Vettel.

At the end of the race, Perez and Räikkönen have met the technical problems. The results may change the affair

The weekend in Monte Carle also marked the affair around Mercedes.The German team stayed behind the Spanish Grand Prix on the circuit after the race and in three days passed a thousand test kilometers.

People in Mercedese have been worrying for a long time between the excellent results in qualifications and poor performance in races. However, any testing during the season is strictly forbidden.

Already in reaction to Mercedes’s absolute triumph on Saturday’s Red Bull qualification, other teams have announced a protest. Mercedes’s victory in the rains of storms will increase even more.

Mercedes’s representatives argue that the tests were not carried out by the team, but the Pirelli tire manufacturer, who ordered them by Mercedes. However, it is not excluded that the whole situation will be over and the results of today’s races can still be changed.Grand Prix Monaco Series 1:

1. Nico Rosberg (Germany) Mercedes 2: 17: 52,056 h, 2. Sebastian Vettel (Germany) Red Bull-Renault +3,888 s, 3. Mark Webber (Aus.) Red Bull-Renault +6,314 4. Lewis Hamilton V. Brit.) Mercedes +13,894 5. Adrian Sutil Force India +21,477 6. Jenson Button McLaren Mercedes +23,103 7. Fernando Alonso Ferrari +26,734, 8. Jean-Éric Vergne (Fr.) Toro Rosso +27,223, 9. Paul di Resta (V. Brit.) Force India-Mercedes +27,608 10. Kimi Räikkönen (Fin.) Lotus-Renault 36,582.