Mecier after a quadrennial loss: Bryanovi proved to be units

CHICAGO. After Saturday’s four-betting runoff match between Chicago’s elite sixth place, they are losing to the US home team 0-3. The decisive third point for American colors was won by the brothers Bob and Mike Bryanovci, who beat Norbert Gombos, Lukáš Lacko smoothly in three sets 6: 1, 6: 2, 6: 1, on the hard surface of the acrylic at Sears Center. Gombos was replaced by poorly handicapped Michal Mertiňák.

The Slovaks will again be active in the Energybet free sports bets first Euro-African zone in 2015. They will meet their opponent on Thursday, September 18, at 5 pm, when they are in Dubai for a jump program.The captives of Captain Miloslav Mecir failed even in a third battle with the Americans.

In February 2002, the US won the hardcore at Oklahoma 5-0, in September 2003 in a world group barrage in the first match in Bratislava NTC 3: 2 despite the fact that Andy Roddick did not get to Dominik in the opening doubles humped.

Bryanovci, who won the 100th anniversary of the US Open at the US Open, confirmed the role of favorites from the opening minutes. In the third game, they broke Lace’s hand, picked up the Gombos service in the fifth and after the next game in the seventh game they got the first set clearly in their favor. Two fates at Lack’s filing decided on the fate of the second act.The Bryanovers were well served, they were greatly replenished on the net and had the upper hand in the exchange from the baseline. In the third round, the Americans made a 3: 0 lead after a quick break and the game reached the end of the game. Under the 5: 1 status, the first mechbal was transformed by the ace.

The Slovak captain has taken the missile as a reality. “With the point in the quartet, we were counted as the least likely, but Misso Mertiňák could not play for the disease, but I am glad that Noro Gombos has gained new experience and when he plays more matches, I believe he will be valid even in squares.” Martin Kliman hurt his shoulder and did not want We risk a deterioration of his health.Bryanovci proved that they are in the squad of world troops, “said Mečír, who was spoiled by Friday’s singles.

” They decided the first sets. Noro played excellent first set against Isner, he was very well read by his opponents. Damn the mistakes in Energybet online betting deals the mystery that she seems to have decided. Maťo Kliman had two times as good against Querrey in the first sitting, but always as though he was a little under-priced and made inadequate mistakes. The Americans, when they got into the line, started to trust and play better.”

The Secretary General of the Slovak Tennis Association, Igor Moska, admitted that the Americans were winning the game.” The home is better prepared for the match and its triumph is deserved. It is a pity that the experienced Mišo Mertiňák, who has ignited nodes and is on antibiotics, could not enter the quad. Martin Kliman complained about shoulder pain, so Miloš put the Gombosa in doubles. For Nora, it was a daviscup Energybet free sports bet debut premiere as a thunder, as the Bryanovci are world units. Noro confirmed that he was a heart-bearer, there were excellent flashes in the first session, but the Americans showed their qualities. It’s a pity on Friday’s binoculars when our boys left after the first game, “Moska said.USA – SLOVAKIA 3: 0 after the second day

sunday: 19.30 Isner – Klizan, Querrey – Gombos

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