Matoška: Every day at Dakar Rally was a surprise

BUENOS AIRES – Slovak motorcycle representative Radek Matoška became the fourth Slovakian who managed to reach the goal of the prestigious Rely Dakar event. Thirty-year-old member Hant Logomotion Slovakia joined Jaroslav Katriňák (2007), Ivan Jakeš (2009) and Štefan Svitkov (2010). At the same time, it is true that no Slovak has completed the Dakar Rally more than once.

Mato & scaron; kovi patr & iacute; On the first & yacute; Attempt at final success; 34th posed that his best scaron was placed in the last stage.Overall & Yacht Race The Dakar Rally 2011 has become Marc Coma in the category of motorcycles and motorcycles, for which it has been trekking;


< Chaos in the target & scaron; happy & yacute; Radek Mato & scaron; ka. “Just as I expected, every day yesterday, I was surprised by something about Dakar, and I was surprised to say 500 miles along the way to drifting up to the racing yard. He did not want cella yacute, the day shine.On the way to the last 10 yards, I’m sure about the same as in the first half; The day broke the moose, and the tire was pulled up to the platoon. And I’m sure you are sure that you will be able to scaron; I honestly rewrote and redraw until midnight. Well, of course, I did not know about driving. Finally, the changes were not, I was scaroning the old way, and where I had to ride a pint, I’m happy to add up to 120. But main ones; Is that I and the bike are happy to finish, “ commented on the Radek Mato & Scaron;Slovakia & eacute; The representative lost in the final & uacute; To the top of the list and to the scarron’s 13 hours.

“We are happy to say that at least one rider will not be able to scaron to the target.” From the pitch in the first stage he took three hours & uacute I do not know how to do it, because I do not know how to do it, because I do not know how to do it, because I can not help it, because I can not get it. And it was not a success, it was something new to him and he was scared to know that he had completed the Dakar.We should hand over the technique on Monday, and Slovakia will probably be on Tuesday. What about the Dakar Race and the Dakar Race, and we want to get involved. M & aacute; me already somehow & eacute; Draft FLY Pl & aacute; ny, who & eacute; said manager & eacute; r Hant Logomotion Slovakia Ivan Figura.

Na & scaron; tart The Dakar Rally has been up to three Slovaks this year; motorcyclists. & Scaron, tefan Svitko in & scaron, if you & # 39; re finished in the 8th stage for trouble-shooting, with the engine and the engine. On Fate & Uacute; Stage out of the total 7th rank in the overall classification. Ivan Jake & scaron; Od & uacute; dr at 10.Stages for the contract & yacute; Engine and navy & scaron, he was driving at that time with a broken knee and a bony bone. After the 9th stage, he was the 10th cross. On the Dakar Rally 2011, a total of 183 motorcyclists were on duty, and on Saturday they were only 94. The best and scaron and most of them were the success of the 2011 Dakar Rally and Scaron Tefana Svitka In & scaron; Stage 7 was Svitko & Scaron, Jake & Scaron; He has been cast in & scaron, the ninth stage of the seventh bar.