Manchester City – Tottenham Hotspur 2:2

Hit the twenty-second round of the Premier League to remain behind expectations – as it occasionally fights with big club is. Tottenham lost his winning streak, which thus stopped at number six. And be happy for a draw since Manchester City reached for victory and had no luck on the decision ref. Eventually, though Alli Sone able to delete lines that after Llorisových minelách arranged sled and De Bruyne.

Manchester City responded well to ignominious defeat Everton and Tottenham have started in the first half. Gone were the Spurs, who in recent weeks-rolled every opponent, including Chelsea. Now they had to lash out mainly on the defensive. Clearly the biggest problem he did Kevin De Bruyne, who constantly looming passes into the penalty area and had a hand in both goals scored.

After ten minutes, but he upped Alderweireld. Zabaleta after De Bruyneho passport found himself in the penalty area, but the Tottenham center-back had an excellent avoid surgery in scoring. Ten minutes with excellent wound Silva’s crackdown drew Hugo Lloris,

The French goalkeeper was excellent in the first half, although De Bruyne and the slide is in good position in the space of three rods missed. Another good intervention but Lloris hid against Aguero, who tried his attention to the front post. Into the break he had yet to sprout sterling hard blow.

But after a pause he experienced probably the worst half of his professional career. Mauricio Pochettino changed the system of three stoppers on the classic 4-2-3-1, but after a few minutes he found an ingenious passport loophole in the defense and Sané got into cross-country with Lloris, however, which would not decide whether to run or No. He ran, his head touched the ball and Leroy Sané gratefully guided the ball into the goal.

Just five minutes later Hugo Lloris “flashed” a second time, and now it was probably an even bigger mistake. Sterling’s cross from the right side had first picked up slightly, but he fell and apricot De Bruyne cleaned up the loose ball into the net. A fierce contest continued on the opposite side, Walker was able to kick Kolarov just fine tečovat, which nevertheless did not prevent head Dele Allimu score. 2: 1, and the match was open again.

Then the word significantly volunteered referee Andre Marriner. Both moments are involved Raheem Sterling, whose first leg slightly over – but still probably pure – stopped missed Danny Rose to finally Marriner ignored the clear foul Walker. Guardiola was right and deranged incident yet again stirred up the debate about the adequacy of passing such fights.

Just a few seconds later, Tottenham had finally received the desired alignment, a bit perverse confirmed the unwritten rule of “do not give, you get.” Eriksen pass into the box Kane, who shot over the head and footer Son Hueng-min scored exactly the goalpost. Rather cruel night for Citizens completed even unacknowledged goal relieving Gabriela Jesus, who when De Bruyneho passport found offside.