Lintner believes in winning. Tips for selecting Tipsport will be Bača and Nedorost

BRATISLAVA. Tips for selecting Tipsport Leagues in a match with a Slovak ice hockey team (December 14th at 18.00 in Martine) will be Jergus Bača and Andrej Nedorost. Together with the top competitor Richard Lintner they will compile the league team they are planning to announce in Direct TV broadcast at the break of the 26th round of the 26th round TL MsHK Žilina – HK Poprad. Cíger came up with the idea

“The main trainer will be Jerguš Bača and his assistant Andrej Nedorost. No team at this time.Trenders of tipsportlig teams are at the peak of this time, “said Lintner for TASR. Read also: The Slovaks will call out the Tipsport of the League.We are joining, Cíger refers

“We three together to build a coach, to set the tactics and to oversee the whole team’s preparation, and we will announce on Monday that the nomination of the national team will be known. Fans will be bounced in the match, whether they will stick to the thumbs or the selection, “he continued.

The idea to make a duel between the league and the national team was born with the official coach Zdena Ciger.

His team will be presented in the tournament of the four countries in Switzerland, 17 December), where only two games are played.Cieger wanted to see his players again in action. They also played similar matches in 2014: video //

“This offer does not reject. The idea was “stolen” by Zden and took it into our hands. We take this game very prestigiously.It is very important for both the league and the selection to win at this meeting, “said Pro-Hokej, head of the highest Slovak ice hockey competition.

” The league identity we are building a year and a half, To the quality of the selected team. “Litner: I’m confident we will win

Even in the jersey, the players from the home contest will get in, in which case they will be entitled to the first choice Cíger. Convinced that we will win.”Richard Lintner, Pro-Hockey Chief Executive Officer

” However, it is certain that in the selection of the Tipsport League Will be the key players of Slovak clubs such as Ladislav Nagy and Tomas Surový, who are the hockey players on which the league stands.I believe they will be presented at the end of the season at the world championships, but at this stage of preparation they do not appear in the concept of representation, “Lintner said.

The last similar match took place in February 2014, the national team before leaving for the ZOH in Sochi has won the 6: 3 Tipsport Extraliga match at the exhibition in Bratislava.

The match in Martine will be specific to Ciger’s coach who was born in this city, who has already indicated that the duel will have a sharp match pace and his The publishers will come to the full meeting.

“It’s something we give the public a clear reference to joining.We’ll look match surely not release and it may happen that you just from shortlist Tipsport League choose the Tournament four countries in Switzerland still a player, “said Cíger for web SZĽH. Download the mobile app Sports for Android and iOS (Google Play and the App Store )

“I believe we will win. This statement predetermines the quality and experience of players in the league as well as the number of great foreign hockey players who will be in the selection. Our advantage over the representation will be also the coaching of individual pairs or triple players, “added Lintner for TASR.