Legia Warsaw did not give up again. We’re still fighting, Duda says

The entire match in the legion was shot by the Slovak goalie Dušan Kuciak, who has been holding his team with several great moves.

His compatriot and coach Ondrej Duda managed a free kick after 62 minutes. Captain Napoleon Marek Hamšík did not play in the match list, so the Slovak micro-team did not finish.

The coach of Maurizio Sarri has decided on his break after a break. In the 53rd minute, one of the lowest players on the field, Belgian Dries Mertens, went into the center of José Callejón and headed Kuciaka.

The winner was Gonzalo Higuaín’s 84-minute win for Argentina. Great goal to Gonzalo Higuina.

“Legia has caught me today.He’s used to playing with 4-3-3, but they sput out 4-5-1. I think the opponent has played a good game. I would like to thank the fan for a great atmosphere. It was not a simple match. In the first half we played slow and predictable. After the 1-0 goal, we had other opportunities to decide on our victory much sooner. But after the game, I am delighted with the result that we have finally achieved, “said coach Sarri, co-operating at Napoli’s bench just three months, according to legia.com.

” With the first quarter of Naples, satisfied. Otherwise it could not have been, because I love this work. Sometimes I’m upset, but that’s part of this profession.But my impressions are very positive, “said Sarri, 56, a native of Naples.

Home coach Henning Berg admitted that Legia had come into a complicated situation in a” décor ” / P>

“There are four meetings ahead of us, we will fight with all our strengths. It will be difficult to move from the group to two games, especially when Midtjylland has two victories. Maybe the Danes are better than everyone thought, or Bruges is worse than we expected. Anyway, we must now win two victories over Bruges and then home to the Midtjylland. We will also fight for points in Naples, “said the legendary Manchestru United Berg legend.Ondrej Duda (up) played the entire match against Naples on Thursday. PHOTO – Illustration TASR / AP

Despite his unsuccessful start to the group stage of EL, his Slovak counterpart Ondrej Duda is also positive.

“We had to make a draw in this duel, so we could show up in somewhat better light, but we will not change the course of the duel, we will focus on the next matches. “I think we still have a chance to move from the group, there are four important matches ahead of us, it will be difficult, but we will fight with all the strengths,” said europort.onet .pl 20-year Slovakian representative,.