Legend lives! Federer surpassed Navratilova’s impressive turn

It’s not one of his main entries, but Roger Federer can be very proud of him. For the seventh consecutive career, he managed to win a match in which he was 0: 2 behind the set. Above all, the dream of an eighteenth Grand Slam title was kept alive. In the quarter final of Wimbledon, Federer eventually celebrated a triumph over Marin Chilic 6: 7 (4), 4: 6, 6: 3, 7: 6 (9), 6: 3 and beat the legendary Martina Navratilova record in grandslam prizes. Now they have Switzerland 307 and it was not the only record in this duel.

“Avoid three megabytes, what a victory for Roger Federer,” wrote Navratilova on Twitter when the Swiss made a record.And she remarked, “Legend lives!”

At the Wimbledon centric, he clutched the Crocodile with the force of a lumberjack in his pliers. “He only got one chance at a break and suddenly I was 0-2, so fast on the grass. I just hoped that the level of his game would drop and I would be lucky, “said Federer, who has fulfilled both wishes. So he could make his biggest comeback of grandslam’s career. In the fourth set he got 3: 3 from mank 0:40 in his submission, in total in this act turned three mechboli. “My dream still lives, but Marina sorry.He is one of the best boys on the circuit, “Roland Garros missed the problems with his back this year, leaving behind three hours and 18 minutes of the victorious struggle of the thirty-five-year-old Swiss, the oldest Wimbledon semifinalist since 1974. He doubted whether Is in top form. “This game is mentally hellish to me. My legs kept going well, my back was out, “said Milose Raonic, the next rival. Even if the Canadian striker collides, Federer will advance to Wimbledon for the third consecutive year in a row.

In addition, Jimmy Connors would beat Jimmy Connors’ winning record in the All England Club victory. Now Federer equaled the 84th triumph (against 10 defeats, while Connors has a balance of 84-18).Legendary American equaled Federer also in the number of semifinals – those now have both 11.

And his spectacular 0: 2 turn to the set means a record equalization – with ten twin rounds being now ranked first in the ladder With Boris Becker and Aaron Krickstein.