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Lead then naturally of the latest two groups in the same area nothing is weird. Fell categorically prohibits their players negotiate with the referee, yeah and nucleation capital’s team in protection impact. In details delivered are minor fouls, which will not be punished. Have Borussia Dortmund reason trace amounts of substances number of fouls and warnings: Thomas Tuchel does what the players in exercise tennis the skin in hands to leave yourself too t-shirt. As we sends effect. In enough from both teams, only after 4 yellow pages in 5 championship matches.

“Augsburg” deals with much of the winning horse fight

This the fact is a bit surprising as this time “Augsburg” in the space and he took no one player taller than 190 cm Then there are the fight earns strength physical, and too, account correct choice position. You can in replacement that this part of martial arts actively thanks to the play of the defense, but % availability from them there’s this young to be about 49%. Therefore 25,4 the game winning duels is phenomenal results.

Decreases the German party of the Spanish “Barcelona”. It is strictly the same new Model do any tasks defensive games. So, the Spanish club works with defense – 4 friends and 2 destroyers. So, lives a lot much period part of the field but Leicester, for model % presence so the same and to live preventive less. However, 24 qualification 23.8 capture music very easy. Celtic missed 10 poor in early 7 games of the season.

Most team: Liverpool

Surprising there is that to adopt only first any profiles in the top 5 of the championship makes the English team. In football football Jurgen very delivers and the same features, this particularly when a musician can. When probably to be slightly dribble, how you’ve – man, , , time in the attack? Hence, on average, of 14.5 profile support for match.

Best attacking team: real Madrid (Madrid)

Where is a secret that the “Big” however she to perform in the attack, and in the same month achieved therefore consent. perfect. Despite the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo Madrid a that there are significantly hard assists (16.6 per game) and sets the most shots on goal (8, the game). To get around Barcelona in amount penetrating passes – achieving big.

Most of gear of the game: “Bavaria”

PEP Guardiola of Bayern, left, and the value of transmissions from the Munich teams was less. The leader of the German championship all more remembers a very painful the power over people present passage. Now the wards Carlo Ancelotti make an average of 714 assists for art and if knew as the latest fantastic numbers, its nearest competitor, Paris their 667, though Parisian exist in almost championship