Kličko goes to the thing! In America, they are opposed to a former handyman

Another notch on the stock, the next step to the legend, another proof that there is no better weight in the box right now. Vladimir Klicko will meet on Sunday morning in Madison Square Garden, New York, for world titles with unbeaten home hopes Bryant Jennings. Where is the problem? In the US, Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao is not very excited about a week ago.

Heavy weight was previously the best the box offered. However, the present shows that old orders are long gone. Vladimir Klicko is a champion who has been a firm hand for twelve years. But while in Europe he is the king who sells the arena to fifty thousand viewers, the US has a doctrine of homecoming with Bryant Jennings.

The reason is simple.The Ukrainian giant is not a great show for the demanding overseas market. In the last duel he knocked on the aggressive performance of Bulhara Kubrat Puleva, for which he also won the knockout of the year award from ESPN. But, as he has dominated too much in the previous duels, he has been given a sticker to a man with whom you will not enjoy the fun of the ring…

So he returns to the US after seven years. In Madison Square Garden, New York, his performance can be seen by some 10,000 fans. Although there are three major WBA, IBF, WBO and unbeaten titles in the game, the scenario is almost clear – winning the Klička. With an overview. “I will show the style of the Loop, so I will show dominance,” the main actor believes.Whether these statements attract fans is a matter of course.

America has also recently lived for the world’s richest sportsman, Floyd Mayweather, with world champion eighth weight category champion Manny Pacquia. Their power measurements will take place on May 2 in Las Vegas and should be a similar event to the legendary battles of Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier.

The game Knocks the fight of other stars

In their shadow. Despite its undeniable record in history. For a thirty-nine-year-old boxer, it will be 27 championship matches. If it succeeds, it will approach the icon of Joe Louis. He successfully defended himself in record-breaking 25 draws in a row.Klokko has three defenses less, his current series currently counts 17 winning title duels since 2006 in a row, behind the other Larry Holmes in these statistics lags behind two.

“I do not want to compare with any of these Greats of heavy weight. I still look at them, “said the Olympic champion from Atlanta, who in the profiling scored 66 matches with 63 victories (53 ktoes), three defeats.

A nearly two-meter champion would have no problems with Jennings. The American has been fully engaged in boxing for only six years. Previously he played basketball and worked as a handyman at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.He ranks fourth in the US heavyweight ranking, but his story and management got him up to the top of the race.

“I like his past. It’s a wonderful story, it’s definitely going to be a lifetime for him, “said Klicko. “I’m sure he will not. He will be home, he has a huge motivation, he’s a bit hyperactive type of boxer, he’s moving a lot, but I hope he will not fly too much and fight like Pulev, “added Kloko. Mayweather and Champion Pacquiao shrug off the US market only when he shocks loudly.