Jarolim has a record, surpassing Brückner. Bílek was waiting for the goal

Only three minutes and forty-two seconds have passed, and coach Karel Jarolim has experienced the first joy of the goal as coach of the national team. Not only did the team tap into a good performance against Armenia and a 3: 0 win, but the new head of the bench was also put on record.

This was surpassed by the record of the legendary Karel Brückner. Under his leadership, the team scored in the opening match with Hungary in the tournament in Cyprus in February 2002. Václav Koloušek scored the fifth minute.

How long did the coaching teams wait for a debut goal

Even Jarolim’s predecessor Pavel Vrba did not wait too long, in the spring of 2014 scored Tomáš Rosický against Norway at 11 minutes.On the other hand Michal Bílek experienced the longest waiting for the goal of the game. He still remains not only the only coach whose team did not shoot at his debut, but at the end of the fourth duel, so long 350 minutes. Qualifying engagement of your engagement. Jarolim is waiting for a sharp start on Sunday with Northern Ireland. He believes that the promise of a new team will not be satisfied.

“The win over Armenia should be an encouragement for us to be in a good psychological mood. I speak for myself and I dare say that even for the players that there is no sleep on laurels, “said the coach.