It was naive to believe that this story will end

It was naive to believe that this story will end – because the video is present and the third person. Once a video has been gaining rapid popularity on the Internet, she took a piece of paper and pen and went to the local branch Ertsanaitsy (Police of the Basque Country). There she wrote a statement on Enricha and the moon, as neither shooting nor the publication of the video did not give its consent. Indeed, on the entry distinguishable audio chunk when she says the moon: “Hey, let’s not it!” Nodding at the phone in his hands, but the “operator” ignores it. However, the players are ready to shoot with illegitimacy argue: they say that this video paid the waitress “moral damages” in the amount of 20 thousand euros, and no claims to him she had not.
Any crime is punishable, and Spanish legislation in this regard – is no exception. Article 197 of the Criminal Code of Spain is rich in parts and provides a wide range of questionable “bonuses” her violator. Counting on his fingers: violation of privacy, dissemination of audiovisual material, defamatory, video recording of intimate content without the consent of the victim, video storage and transfer it to third parties, the publication of the video in the media or the Internet. The minimum penalty – a fine (about 1,800 to 7,300 euros), and / or imprisonment for a period of three months. If all of the above will meet full house, the next five years Enrichu and the moon will not be up to football.

In the “Eibar” to the incident, surprisingly reacted calmly. Instead duty grandiloquent phrases like “How dare they! ! So lay people have no place in our club, “head coach Jose Mendilibara upheld the guilty, and reminded that it is – their personal life, and no penal or disciplinary sanctions against him will not be applied. After both player have not been put in a request for a friendly match with the “Leganés” rumors about their possible exclusion from the composition but Mendilibara said that just gave them the day off, and a sex scandal is nothing to do. Mr understands that it is foolish to go to disassemble the machine, which is very good rides – after seven “Eibar” matches goes to 8th place.

Output and Antonio Sergi probably spent together. And not just because they wanted to discuss the incident. Spanish journalists madly love to dig into someone else’s dirty laundry, so to find a bold frame of instagrama, gave rise to rumors about a “non-traditional” players, it was a matter of time for them.

Enrich Moon and went into “Eibar” almost simultaneously – in July of 2015. It turned out that both of them – to the Balearic Islands – from Son Servera and Ciudadela. Two contact points was enough to their friendship in a year reached a new level: last summer they spent together. Picture taken in New York, and the newly appeared “couple” was seen in Orlando and the Riviera Maya.

“…- In our time it is difficult to find friends. I have many friends, but a few good friends. This year, we met with Antonio Luna, and I can already call him a friend for life, – he said after the transition to Enrich “Eibar” …. ”

Naturally, the players did not manage to escape the social networks of the avalanche of jokes. For example, an ordinary, seemingly tweet official account “Eibar” to last year’s Cup match with “Ponferradina” shattered thousands repost. Just remembered about it just in time.

“69 minutes. Killing Moon to pass Antonio Sergi Enricha, who scored into an empty net! 2: 0 to “Ipurua” forward “Eibar”!

“Thanks Enrichu and Moon” Eibar “managed to draw treble!”

“Real” was lucky that they got only one goal ”

“Sergi and Antonio on the example of the girls show how the offside trap”

“New Moon cards legends and Enricha in FIFA» (approx follador (Spanish) -.. E..r)

“You know that the situation in the Basque Country not important when the players have to share a Woman”

“They should not have to apologize for the fact that arranged a threesome with a girl. They should apologize for having fucked her in his socks “