In tennis is crazy, no one not trained like her. Story Dominika Cibulkova

BRATISLAVA. Sparkle of her positive energy, gives out smiles. Chances are that you will see Dominika Cibulkova frown is slim.

Slovak is the biggest surprise of the tennis Australian Open. From the first round to the final. Dominika Cibulková at the Australian Open (22 photos) crazy about tennis

“She was always very lively a veselá. Not only on the court but also off the court. It was with her every time a lot of fun, “recalled the beginnings of a young Cibulkova time ago coach Peter Hrunčák.

Dominic trained for two years from 2005. He helped her get the position of 630thwalls in the second hundred.

“Tennis was her world. The whole day revolved around that was on it it can be seen that in this incredibly ingrained and oblivious to anything but a just tennis. “

A very honest to himself worked. Although the infatuation tennis, never cringed as world champion.

“Especially good was that it gave successive goals. He did not right that wants to win Wimbledon. She made small steps, but quickly progressed. “

A breakthrough moment in her career was the tournament Ritro Cup in 2006 in Bratislava. Although she was 17, with a free card from the organizers víťazila the higher-ranking tennis player.The height is not minus

“I remember the people who said he did not even have the world’s first hundred,” added Hrunčák. She moved with incredible workmanship and tenacity.

At the top of the world, the height of 161 cm is the lowest. The opponents do not overreact her head.

However, a poor character may not be a handicap.

“She never solved her height, did not take it as a minus. In high-match games, she looked at her strengths.Against aug can be on the court faster, more explosive and has more stamina. “Stúpala as rocket

Vladimír Pláteník then received three years (2007-2009) Cibulkova hundreds of other world leaders in the rankings.

perfects the aggressive offensive game. At Roland Garros in 2009 crushed in the quarterfinals Russian Mariu Šarapovovú 6: 0, 6: 2, but the then world number one Dinara Safinová did not let her into the finals.

“My time has not come,” saying Dominica after returning home. And she started to train with even more flavor.After the Grand Slam in Paris came to twelfth place ranking, which is still its maximum.

“I never then I have met with toys that would be so diligent preparation as Dominica,” he recalled Pláteník. Cooperation with Lipták

After a steep climb, our tennis player for a few months stuck.

The Czech coach Jaroslav Bulant lasted briefly, with the Croatian expert Zeljko Krajan almost two years and although the autumn of 2011 came first title in Moscow and another joy of leadership at a tournament in Carlsbad, still it was not based assault on the top 10 .

Last year started a collaboration with Matej Liptak stopped about ten say. Only Drela and Drela.Surrounded the right people, he is quiet. Stanford third title of her summer stablished, that is on the right track.

“with Mat I improved my game,” saying optimistically after the 2013 season, although the position fell out of the top twenty. “I play more varied, more colorful. My tennis is now more balanced. Just the all transferred to the matches. I’m still only 24 and I believe that the best career is still ahead of me. “

Dominica as if she felt as early as January fires in Australia, new, sharp attack between world-class. Play your tennis life. He lacks only a step to the first of Slovakia has entered the Grand Slam in singles winners.Maybe next time.

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