In Kitzbühel, on Saturday, the biggest skiing challenge is on the program

Kitzbühel. Traditionally, the greatest attention of Alpine slope speeders is centered on the Streif ski slope in Kitzbühel, where the 71st Hahnenkamm program will be held. In Tyrol there is a classic program. After Friday’s Super G, he plans to combine with Saturday’s slalom and Sunday slalom.

The world-famous Austrian resort has been running regularly since 1931. The victory on the legendary Streif skiing dreams of many racers, some of them just enough to experience the feeling of braking in the target on an extremely difficult track.

Kitzbühel is traditionally the best-subsidized weekend in the World Cup. For three days, the Hahnenkamme divide 550-thousand euros.For downhill and slalom is set for 175,000 euros, 130-thousand will be awarded for the results on Friday Energybet online sports betting Super G and 70-thousand for the combination.

The winners of the famous slalom, as well as the slalom, can look forward to 70-thousand euros, the super G takes the first one by 20,000 and in combination Energybet bet sport by 30,000 less. With the exception of the combination where only the first five will be taken, the bonus will be paid to the top thirty in the other races.

Slovakia will not be in the elite showdown. An invitation to Kitzbühel was held in 14 countries, and even in 24 countries. Peter Eder, the race’s secretary, confirmed this on the website. Winner among the legends

The winner in Kitzbühel will be among the legends of world skiing.So far, this experience has been experienced by sixteen countries, Austria’s most successful are with 46 first prizes in the various competitions in this center. Fans in the final and super G are defended by the Swiss Didier Cuche, the Nemes Felix Neureuther slalom and Croatian Ivica Kostelic.

The most celebrated weekend event in Kitzbühel is traditionally a Saturday afternoon. The favorite will include defender Didier Cuche, who also triumphed at Hahnenkamme in 1998 and 2008. The Swiss has been traditionally working in Kitzbühel.

After second place in Wengene last week, he again believes in a good result.

“I have a good feeling, but on this hill, the boundary between success and failure is even thinner than any other.Strife Streif is very challenging, “he admitted for the Tribune de Geneve Cuche.

Thirty-six-year-old Swiss first started skiing in 1996. He was very afraid of the premiere. Eventually, I went to the track and felt like the winner. Then my local good story began. You also need good courage to get on this track, “says Cuche. How to conquer Streif

Streif is dangerous and unique because it is specific.Thirty-six hundred feet (1665 m, 805 m) contains relatively easy sections but also break-through breaks, followed by giant long jumps with sharp twists after impact.

Whoever wants to succeed has to combine the brutal power of Herman Maier with the masterpiece of Jean-Claude Killy. Already 100 meters after the start, a “delicacy” called Mausefalle is waiting for the riders, where the racers must overcome the slope of the slope above 40 degrees, respectively. 85%, and the fastest fleet of 60 – 70 m. “Mausefalle is an extraordinary jump, you see flying, but you can not see where you’re going,” said Cuche.

Immediately after the impact of Mausefalle follows a sharp left-hand twist, while the riders have to cope with overload.Steilhang, which is one of the world’s largest golf appeals, comes 10 seconds later.

It is covered with pure ice and its passage is not a matter of riding qualities, but rather a fight to keep legs with skis in contact with the slope and not end up in the protective net.

After other sections called Alte Schneise, Seidlalm and Lärchenschuss are waiting for the dare to take another Energybet online bets jump ahead of Hausbergkante, where over 40,000 viewers see the riders for the first time on the track. The traverse is followed by a right-hand twist and a target slope with the last jump.The best ones are at a speed of more than 140 km / h.

The other ten winners in Kitzbühel:

1999 Hans Knauss (Austria)

2000 Fritz Strobl Hermann Maier (Austria)

2002 Stephan Eberharter (AUT)

2003 Daron Rahlves (USA) >

2008 did not take place

2008 Didier Cuche (CHE)

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