In Greece, it was wonderful. And the football uprising from the Tomb continues

Stefanos Athanasiadis was awarded a penalty kick in the 43rd minute, pushing the ball into the empty goal. In this case it was routine, but the other two were excited.

Olympiakos straightened into a pause when the corner kick from the right side reached the edge of sixteen to David Fusterova and the Spanish midfielder sent him straight into the gallows .

However, PAOK had a hidden lead: shortly after the break, Facundo Pereyra, the Argentine striker, let the long kick from his own halves fall once in the ground to direct him later in the sixteenths with the left-hander in the upper corner opposite Fuster.

“We did not worry and we came to the win.We knew they would push us and we would have room for counterattacks, “said one of the heroes of the Athanasiadis winners.

It is not customary for PAOK to travel to Athens (which is Pireus harbor) so fearlessly. This season, however, is ruining the Greek order. The team from Thessaloniki now leads the table, Wednesday’s triumph raised the lead on Olympiakos to five points. “It is a great psychological uproar for us,” exclaimed Athanasiadis.

Hate Half a Century

PAOK has the reputation of one of the biggest Greek clubs, but has always crushed history behind the giants of Athens. Three big clubs from the capital of Olympiakos, Panathinaikos and AEK were the last to let out the title in 1988.PAOK, who is the proud of Macedonia in the northern part of Greece, boasts only two league triumphs, the last 29 years ago.

This year, however, the ensemble, which is based in the stadium called the Tomb and was founded after the First World War Greek emigrants from Turkey (the letter K refers to Konstantinopol), escapes both the financial crisis of Panathinaikos and the fairy-tale rich and Olympiacos in the last few years.

However, PAOK himself is not experiencing plentiful times, Budget from 16 million to just six and a half (less than 180 million crowns, which is almost twice less than Sparta).

There are no international stars in Thessaloniki – probably the most famous figure of Dimitris Salpingidis has never played abroad – but they have put together a predatory ensemble that holds together.An unexpected trump card, for example, is now the wounded Slovak naughty Robert Mak, who has made his name only with the insulting insults of his coach in Nuremberg, Germany.

Wednesday’s success in Piraeus tasted wild black and white hobbyists especially sweet. Olympiakos has been feeling a lot of hatred since 1966, when a protected rival has “stole” the biggest club legend of Giorgos Koudas in unclear circumstances. Since then, the “red” of Soluna has always been afraid, waiting for a victory in the Tomb of an unprecedented 21 years.

PAOK is now respecting not only fanatic supporters but also performances on the pitch.