Ice Hockey Lintner about Shatana’s friend: Did you see him? I do not believe it’s over!

BRATISLAVA – At the expense of the Ice Hockey Slovan has advanced to the semifinals of the Cup of Hope at the Western Conference KHL of Belarusian Dinamo Minsk with the three Slovaks.  Richard Lintner during an interview for Sports


In addition to trainer Ľubomír Pokovič, they represent in the competition of landscapes and also Tomáš Surový and Richard Lintner. “We have managed to move to the second round in this Tournament.We are looking forward to not lying, “ said favorite Slovak defender Lintner.

klađenje uživo na tenis

fans like it as a TV commentator and glossary during direct TV broadcasts at world championships in ice hockey. Can they enjoy something similar in May in Minsk? “As a commentator? You will see me as a hockey expert, “ laughed Lintner and promised that the Championship in Minsk, where he is now playing KHL, will be great.

Sports have warned that even in 2002, when Slovakia won gold medals, was the tournament after the unsuccessful Olympics.Maybe our teams will be without big stars and it will help ours.

And what about his friend Miroslav Šatan, who officially played with his career?

“Have you seen him? I do not believe it will end. It would be a pity. He still enjoys hockey. If he had finished, he would have been sorry for some time. I want to think over it and take another season, “ said the defendant with the nickname” Lemon “.

Only friends and fellow players in Slovakia say this name he also taught colleagues in Finland. “The hotel smells all the shampoos and lemon smell and asks me the guys if I have arranged it.But they do not call me Lemon, in Finland they talked to me more by my nickname, “ laughed at the Slovak defender.

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