I do not feel at 38, Zavadil said. And he stood up. Will it extend the contract?

One more season, he wants Brno and his captain Pavel Zavadil to extend the contract for the next year. He does not stop. “When I’m healthy, I want to play football for a long time,” he said after a match in Teplice (1: 1), where he had appeared in the basic set of the Zbrojovka for almost a year and had a huge share in the balancing goal.



Did you also consider the end of your career?
“I never said I was going to end, I just needed to sort out a few thoughts in my head, somehow put it together. I bite.As I was after the surgery and my knee started to improve quickly, I had a new taste for football. “What all is running in the head of a wounded footballer who is 38 years old?
“It’s just 38 years old…If it happened to me at the age of 25, I’d probably be better off. But I do not feel for the years I have. I think I will be able to play football for a few more years. “

How long?
” When I’m healthy, so long! I’ll see…I’ve been telling myself that I just have to go back in the wounds. I believed that I was able to return to the same level. “

And you did it.

” It’s very nice. Although I had jumped into two games in the fall, but it was only for a while.Now I finally feel like I’m a footballer. By the end of the preparation I was a little tired, but the last week I got together. I was on my way and had no problem keeping up the whole game. “

So you can make the spring part of the season cool?
” I think so. I am well prepared because I have removed all the preparation without relief. “

Do not feel it a bit now?
” Now I feel a bit of a calf. “(Laughs)

I tell them: no, I will shoot! I wanted him to jump ahead of the goalie. Finally, it was a goal.And if he was shaving Cuba Řeznicek or he was his own, it does not matter.

Do you get the point?
” The draw is probably fair, but we did a good match. We wanted to play football and we were trying to combine the game. Only pockets of collected gates have been badly misplaced. “

How did you understand in the middle of the field with Jan Polák?
” We are the same in the same wave. We are discussing football a lot, so we will be able to pass on the back-up. No problem. We also communicate more to make it easier for each other and to avoid running unnecessarily. “

Who is the bigger leader?
” We are the same. The cabin works as it should. But if there was a problem, they would be slapped. “(Laughs)

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