However Considered the talented striker

Did not expect? Not real, and not Barca, Dortmund, Juventus and “The range.” And let in particular, a strong have rivals-Petersburg club was not, but 25 themselves in 6 matches – super for your of the championship. Soon cycle reconstruction blue-white-blue make such a successful deeds, and in the next the middle of season quantity the latest perhaps to increase.

Most to understand player: Edin Dzeko

always had a talented striker, but to specify it with the prefix “top”, none of the language to name is not included. Edin very well can choose importance a blow, cutting but practice even more bad. Dzeko commits a 5.8 hits per game but in 5 matches, having the result of opportunities have scored only 4 goals.

Most is well : Nicolas 

the past number still you can to face anyone unknown players. Nicolas – the Central defender of Lyon. Then has mark process related in same that the Frenchman in thoughts valid short . Of the 55 gear does only 2 cross. Meanwhile to areas statistical reports, accuracy was 94.9%.

Most protection player: Petros Matheus

this season ‘ Golo kanté gave the post protecting the player in the world. Now “Chelsea” already there is the ball and since the silhouettes and spot to do is just time. Only appeared new person. Midfielder “” Petros in September made an average of 5.3 identification and 3 steals in competition, which is a best outcome in Europe.

Giuliano makes that has extremely gear

And today even in addition resident “Zenith” in records of “most”. Super team player Giuliano shows that there are period to Express not only our partner, however also rational the transfer section. valid month made 5,4 penetrating applications to match (- is somewhere around sąsiedztwu the stratosphere, often if under the care type your championship), 7 among the them other is in effect.

Most strokes thing: traoré

This time blossomed. Andre Schubert I found most get ready the item and the latest began to exist in very effectively. Traoré well run game – Gladbach, thank you our force and method. on the Run strong moving he’s a winger runs 4.5 strokes for art.

Most of gear of the game: 

same year, “Dortmund start to go all more than and also rain forest existence of the ball. To to take the attack you need good Central defenders. + then “bumblebees”. Central average of 92.6 per gear per music time this an indicator of the curve.

a Lot on game: Willian

Strength Chelsea is a should not be underestimated. What is in history that in the same season he is a soldier, which matches difference. The Brazilian is taught to rotate the stroke of translation from edge Rand. In September worked their 3.7 for battle and also the has a as well field development.

Powerful Central “Angers” riding in action not have yourself are equal. With national advancement 192 cm time involves also get battle. furthermore individual furthermore in unknown kick, and in the preparation field wins 8.9 struggle for the game.#####