How to play off? Florida invokes hot potato from Austria: Jagr will dream!

“Thomas will become an ingredient that will take us back to the Stanley Cup fight position. I’m convinced!” Dale Tallon, President of Florida Ice Hockey Operations, was proudly released to the world by Thomas Vanek, a veteran Austrian forward of Detroit, before Detroit’s pre-season transfer. How the panthers hunted for playing in the playoff will be clear until the April break when the base is over. Now it is certain that the new joker, who has been dressed in the NHL for the last four years by just five teams, looks forward to Sunrise. Jaromir Jágra was a youngster.

After a 33-year-old owner of 865 NHL startups, Red Wings won Dylan McIlrath and a third run in the 2017 draft. What did overseas experts say about the exchange? Trejd is good for both sides!Detroit, who apparently will not play off after 25 years, needs to rejuvenate the draft.

“Dacjuk has already left, Zetterberg will be thirty-seven. It’s a scepter to pass on. That generation change is in progress. If we do not get to play off, it will be even more pronounced, “said George Fischer on Monday in an interview for iSport, which is set to look for new faces for Detroit. And Florida? She also did not do it, she got an experienced cartoonist, who plays in surprisingly excellent form this year. Hockey player with a Slovak father and a Czech mother, who represents Austria, has also made a dream come true by moving to Panthers.In his childhood, Jaromír Jágra posters on the walls, now he will share a dressing room with him.

“Being a jaguar teammate now will be unreal,” Vanek said in a conversation about He and Mario Lemiux, Jaromir’s career is amazing, I am no longer younger, I did not think I could do anything like that, “added the Baden native of Vienna.

New part in the successful florid mosaic more Tallon said, “I’m sure the other boys in the booth will love Thomas. He is a good kid, a good hockey player and can be another mentor in our young team.In Detroit, he has played several excellent matches this season, and he has a contract by the end of the season, so he’s about to prolong it, it will also motivate him, “he is sure of the 66-year-old Panthers hockey operations chief. Vanek tries to revive the power game Florida, Vancouver, who played a part of an overseas career in Buffalo and played the role of the captain, was really awakened from winter sleep this year, and he has been playing at Islanders (47 games / 17 goals) in the last four years, , Montreal (18 games / 6 goals) and Minnesota (154 duels / 33 goals) was the most productive player in Red Wings with 38 points (15 + 23) this year.For a comparison of more points, only Vincent Trocheck (22 + 21) has the organization in Florida.

VIDEO: Look at the beautiful last goal of Thomas Vanek for Detroit

“I’m looking forward to helping the organization to play off, so I’m here, it will be my honor!” Florida has been able to play for the Stanley Cup last year, having excellent young players and a very good goalie duo, “said the finalist of the September World Cup The team of Robert Luong Europe with James Reimer.

One of the reasons why Tallon Vanek brought in is progress in power games. Panthers are up to 25th in the NHL with a 16.5% success rate.Vanek has scored five goals in this game and 189 in a total NHL career this year.

“Without a good power play you will not go anywhere, I’m glad to have a new weapon for this situation,” Tallon told

“In the current NHL table, Panthers are in the Eastern Conference at ninth place with a symbolic 68 points, on Toronto , Which holds the last move, Jágro’s team loses a single point, but points like Florida but also have a tenth of NY Islanders, with 20 matches remaining for the rest of the base.