Hockey players Trenčín declassified Martin: In six minutes he scored four goals

TRENCHÍN – The guests had a disastrous entrance to the match and their homelessness was punished by four goals in five and a half minutes. After 71 seconds of the encounter, he played a nice shot with a swing under the top of the Troliga, at the end of the 4th minute the mischieved puck from blue slid through the players to the net, with the goal again Trolig.

For another 14 seconds, the goalkeeper Čecha surprised another easy shot from the left circle, so after Toman’s exact hit he entered the Martin Dzubina. But he also capitulated a bit – after Mikulův shortfall.

The difference in score then corresponded to the next run both teams calm and the pace of the match has already been relaxed. At 25.min visitors Markovich and Vazanom did not use the raid during their own weakness, Martina did not play an offensive game. Trencin checked his lead, but the duel lasted for more robust action and excitement on both sides, and the opponents could not even push in the numerous power games. At the end of the second leg, the guests changed with two goals in the 22-minute period after a sharp shot from Šugar and Markovic’s hockey sticks.

Not even the third twenty minutes played the quality of the match, the end of the two teams was unstable and the gameplay full of inaccuracy. Trenčín secured his victory in the 55th minute by Bobček’s Merit.

Milan Staš, coach of Trenčín: “We had a perfect match in the match, but that did not guarantee victory.We have also tried to play off and have created chances. A slight hesitation has been a bit slow, and in these moments our nerves have taken our sticks. The opponent got us under pressure and in several moments Nagy was number one on the ice. The fifth goal has calmed us. Daniel Babka, MHC coach: “The match markedly marked the introduction. The home fell into the net everything that went to the goal. We tried to stop it from getting back to the match again from the second. We did that, we shot goals and had other chances. In the third third we did not use our opportunities and when Trenčín added the fifth goal, it was after the match. “