He has received nine goals, yet he is a hero. Lalande did not disappoint against “his”

And not wrong. Lalande has performed a lot of great moves, and it is his merit that the Belarusians are not leaving the world championship with an even bigger debacle. Of course, the Canadian Fire Force, headed by Seguin, Spezzou, Burns, and Crosby, could not face it, but he was still interested in his performance, and he heard the words of recognition from the mouth of the commentators. Kevina Lalanda, 29, was a special match at the quarter- The world has fought against its compatriots. He was born in Ontario, Canada, and grew up ice hockey.

In 2005 he was drawn to the NHL, with a total of 128th in the rank of Calgary Flames.For Lada, however, he never went on, he only sped between Quad City Flames, Las Vegas Wranglers and Syracuse Crunch, where he did not get too much space. That’s why when KHL Vitiaz Čechov came in 2010, he did not hesitate and headed for Russia. After a year he set in the Belarusian team from KHL Dinam Minsk, where he met, for example, the star Finnish goalkeeper Pekka Rinn. Since he was doing well in Minsk, but the hopes of representing his native country were scarce, he began to think about changing citizenship.

A Belarusian citizen could have been living in Minsk after two years and was immediately called to represent him.Even though he has been re-starting for the Russian team CSKA Moscow since summer 2014, where he had the best average of goals scored by all KHL goalkeepers (1.39) this year, he is standing at the goal of the Belarusian ice hockey team and one of the successors who can be called two quarter-

It’s a box that moves

P> He was shining at this year’s World Cup. In the matches of the basic group against Slovenia (4: 2), Slovakia (1: 2 p.), Denmark (5: 1) and the United States (5: 2), 113 were shot, but Lalande released only seven of them.The hearts of Belarussian fans are recorded in particular by surprise triumph in America.

“The goalkeeper of Belarus is not very good. It’s like a box that moves, “Kevin Lalanda tugged the former Slovak goalkeeper Ján Lašák when commenting on television. But in the final billing of the championship, when the Slovaks went home with shame and the Belarusians went to the quarterfinals at their expense, Lalande Lašák and others showed that even the box in the Belarusian jersey can be of high quality goaltending performance.

Nine goals.