Hamilton says Rosberg Title I take back next year

Formula 1 season has ended and drivers of Mercedes spends his free days after. While the new world champion Nico Rosberg celebrates his teammate Lewis Hamilton already accumulates plans for next year. The title of world champion is seeking to take back.

“This year I stuck bad luck. Niko congratulations because he did everything he had to do. He is not worth anything, he just reliable car, “he told The Sun web Lewis Hamilton. “Nico was now in the next few days will feel amazing and will certainly celebrate. Enjoy it, ‘he sent the new world champion of thirty Brit.

“Being world champion is a great feeling, but to enjoy it you can just until you lose it. And I will toil hard in the winter, so I just took the title back next season, “said the triple world champion Hamilton.

He for his behavior during Sunday’s Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi got hit a wave of criticism. Deliberately drove slowly to one of the pilots overtook Niko Rosberg. If it is two mA competitors did, he was due to celebrate himself. But nobody he would not listen, and vice versa Rosberg not pass all his tactics condemned.

“Before the start, I still did not know exactly how to race turn. I got into the lead. But it was not such that race, when I go my own pace and not have to deal with what was happening behind me. I just wanted to help, “Hamilton defended his strategy. Niko I hurt the team, I did not cause any problem and everyone can be happy for our first and second place, “said the rider Mercedes.