Guests glimmer

Marc Hocher, Guus Hupperts 56. – 60. Michael Higdon Footballers Rody Kerkrade interrupted their šestizápasovou series obtained without a point and in a very complicated situation, they scored very important three points after winning 3: 1 over the rival Nijmegen. In the Eredivisie table, so they get ahead of their arch-rivals by a score and maintain a realistic chance to direct rescue.

The match was very nervous from the start, and over time it was growing sharp interventions, one of which was at the very end punished with a red card. Roda decided on his victory shortly after the change of sides, which has already led 3: 0 and guests could only decrease.

The game was most of the time the better team and opening more serious opportunity came after about fifteen minutes of the game.

After a beautiful cross from the right side of the goal area on the border ran just centimeters Donald and he lacked the finish into the empty net. Marc Hocher subsequently fired from the border of the penalty area and his good shot went just over the top post. After half an hour of play, the home deservedly waited leading clubs. This goal led a huge mistake Johnsson of the Swedish goalkeeper, who hit a kick at Donald, who subsequently ran the ball and presented it in front of a yawning goal Guus Hupperts – 1: 0th A minute later, could be on the other side of the quick action offset, however goalkeeper Kurt tossed the ball brilliantly over the top post.

Until the end of the opening act were better home and continued the pressure after the break after another cross from the right side of the head alone Donald active, but the ball curled just over the goal Nijmegen. A few minutes later Roda to rejoice second calming clubs and again not without blame goalkeeper NEC. He was too far from his goal, which saw Hocher and a free kick from afar beautifully hung up. Three minutes later it was decided, the second goal of the match scored Hupperts.

He used wonderful combination of ground with ease and easily surpassed this time helpless Johnsson. Guests glimmer of hope after an hour of the game, when after a cross from the right side excellently Michael Higdon headed the keeper and Kurt followed dorážkou had bigger problems – 3: 1st In the end the guests running out of patience and the downright savage went into premature cabins along a straight red card Victor Palsson.