GLOSS: A jester, a junkie, a pedophile … The king has fun with the podium and the ice hockey people

Here are some of the King’s statements. “

” The humorous statement of the Minister of Education. “

” The basic premise of a democratic society is the presumption of innocence.

” I learned that I was a fool. “

And the hockey boss played his surname in a hint of a caption in the tabloid diary. “I was marked that I am not the King, but a jester. I might have been a jester, but I would be for him if I allowed the coach of the national team fourteen days before the championship. That would be a big joke.Then I would have to apologize to anyone if it turned out that the allegations were odd. “

Direct viewers on, who do not regularly follow the hockey events, could have joked his dictionary and style.

The king spoke in a whisper, talking with some journalists. He joked with them. He told himself how he learned about the case from the radio. The fashion arbiters may not like his blunder. And yet his West-Bohemian dialect…

But this is how the president of the ice hockey union behaves normally when communicating with journalists. It does not cover any phrases. What he feels will come out. She does not think that a part of the nation will hear it.

Still – he is not stupid, he has been a lawyer for a long time;Additionally, he can admit an error.

The King of the Hockey is firmly in place, and most of the revolts in the foothills have settled smoothly. But now his Majesty under the weight of the words about the corruption of Coach Růžička shakes.

Until the time will show if the King is really a jester on Wednesday’s decision.Regardless of the relaxed press conference.

If Ruzicka’s team does not push the pressure on the home world championship, the public will demand that the King immediately surrender to the throne.

Tragi) comically, if you want to go straight to the middle of the match for the Ruzicka Police…