For Naples, Naples is small! He deserves a great club, praises a coach star

Slovak midfielder Marek Hamšík shined on Wednesday in a European Championship against Russia when he helped 2-1 with goal and assistance. According to coach Ján Kozák, the 28-year-old footballer has shown that Naples has already grown and deserves a big club engagement.

“Marek contributed greatly to the victory, Lidsky and football ripped, and Naples is too small for him.

For his access to football and performances he deserves to play in a big club, I think he is ready for it, “quoted Slovak media Kozáka. Hamšík, who came to Naples in 2007 from another Italian Brescia club, at the Lille stadium with a pass from his own half to call Vladimir Weisse.Just in front of the corner kick, then the “sniper” rounded off the defender and made a beautiful attempt to squash the Russian goalie Igora Akinfejeva.

“Marek has a very good performance in the long-term performance, together with Martin Škrtelem, a key figure of the team. The performance in the match with Russia was great and team because he helped a lot in the defensive activity besides the attack, “said the co-driver of the Czechoslovak coach, who was the 62-year-old coach. Hamšík praised a goal shot and subsequent celebrations. “I resolved the way I wanted, but apparently no one expected it to fall so well, but that’s what I wanted to solve,” said the departure of Banská Bystrica. “The emotions were great, because we had the fans on the side where it fell.I was standing in front of them and betting online enjoying it with them, “added Hamsik.

Slovakia has scored for the first time in the history of the second EURO match, partly offsetting the 1: 2 introductory defeat with Wales and increasing its chances of advancing from the group B. “The victory is all the more thrilling that we have attained it at the European Championship and against the giant,” said Kozak. “All the boys have reached the bottom of their forces against Russia, played very sacrificed. But without a deal for the team it is not possible, “added the coach.

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The Slovaks collected 80 minutes from Denise Glušacov and at the end of the match they were worried about the result. “We said in the cloakroom that we did not have a victory.At the start of the second half, we were controlling the promising lead and were dangerous in the counter-attacks, but with increasing time our forces were leaving. The Russians pushed us deeper than we expected, and managed to lower them. The last few minutes were very long, “said the former Czechoslovakian representative, whose team closes the group Monday against England.

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