Football fans in Ústí nad Labem are wishing they did not come from Teplice

Pink is not in the table, nor in the budget. He is not tall. “If the negotiations are completed, the season will be covered. Even though it is a hurricane; With such as Karvina we can not equal, “admitted Dušek. He thanks the new city management for the same support as last year. “Maybe it’s going to be a bit higher, we like our concept.”

The club also defended the Friday evening excavations in artificial lighting that seemed expensive to the city. On Friday he will come home with Opava in the spring. And with the only reinforcement, drawn by the Serbian shooter Melunovič from Teplice. “We were talking to two players with Teplice.Unfortunately, the experienced stoper did not come up with a bit of a bump, “coach Petr Němec said.

Sports manager Stanislav Pelc explained:” The coach decided the coach Ščasný, just hurt Matula. When Štěpánek was replaced by Petr Rada, we solved it and with him. But it is difficult for a new coach to throw away, it can be understood. “According to all indications, it was Hoška.

The coach hopes that the pair will still be firmer in the spring. “I believe the players in the autumn have had so much experience of avoiding silly mistakes from the beginning of the season in the spring,” he says. “Although the flu epidemic was now being plagued by us, at one point there were up to six players sick. He’s the last to come back with Martycan. “

Back to Melunovich.About him, the German in preparation said he was shutting down. And that he must turn on when he does not see the balloon. “The first league has a different level and style of play than the other, you have to get used to it. There is not enough space, everything has to go straight to the ground, slip and fight for the ball, “says the German what Serb is asking for. It will start in the base line, another Smola chase is standing for a yellow card penalty.

The club narrowed down to Jurs, Pave, Maneva and Malce to save and improve the atmosphere in the team. “It’s unpleasant to send three or four players to the tribune, then it’s a dept,” the German replied.This is how the Ústí is devastated. “We all have a share in our problems, we have to get out of it,” says manager Pelc.