Federation Cup: Stosurova overcame Cepel in two sets

BRATISLAVA. Slovak tennis players play after the opening day of the first round of the 2nd round. Of the World Cup group with Australia will not decide 1: 1.

Samantha Stosurova, the host leader of the Czech Republic, was awarded the match for the Australian colors in the NTC in Bratislava.

In the opening single, Anna Karolina Schmiedl, the Slovak unit, after a successful turn with Arina Rodionovova after a three-hour three-set battle 5: 7, 7: 5, 6: 0.

In the second game, Schmiedl turned in a very unfavorable state 1: 4.

The Sunday program opens at 13:00 team team Schmiedl and Stosurova. //

Drte palce !!!Posted by Anna Karolina Schmiedlova – Official on Friday, February 5, 2016

The blade started against Stosurova fearless, immediately in the opening game took the Australian submission and after the confirmation of the brejk took the lead 2: 0.

However, the sculptor quickly shuddered, having gained five gems from the 1: 3 position and the first set became a crook.

The US Open 2011 champion has traditionally relied on top-quality kick-offs, forcing Sheffel to defeat.

The fate of the second set was Stosurovej brejk in a 3: 3 position.

The blade led in the seventh gem of 40:15, but the Australian also won four fiftines with a series of winners.

In the 5: 4 position, Stosurova transformed the first mechbal after the winning bekhend longhair, and adjusted its balance with Chelsea to 2: 1.

The Slovak admitted that Stosurova was a better player on the court.

“It was her best performance from our previous mutual matches.She did not give me a chance. She did a good job, and my rotated forhend was a big deal. At the beginning of both sets I took a step with her, but then I missed the submission and she did not use my own service at all. I am glad that Captain Lipták gave me a chance, even though I am only a Slovakian top four, “Čepelová said in the first reaction for RTVS.

Captain Lipták was glad that at least Schmiedl managed to reverse the unfavorable development. >

“Kaja has been very afraid of servicing for a long time, she was very nervous. In a 1: 4 position in the second session, the game system finally changed and the card started to turn. As for Janka, which was supposed to be our thrombus against Stosurova, she did not play badly. But Samantha did a great job. She was doing her typical uncomfortable tennis, which most of the ladies do not like.Seven gems were decisive in both sets. Janka had gemstones in them, but did not use them, and Stosurova had it with the report. “

In fedcup history, this is the second battle of both countries, in April 1995 on the grass in Perthe won the home Australian 3: 2 .Slovakians in the first round of the 2nd World Cup played in Apeldoorn with home Dutch 1: 4.

In the second round, the NTC took 4-0 in NTC Sweden.