Coach Dovalil keeps me above the water, admitted Kalas

“Everyone knows Coach Dovalil keeps me hanging over the water,” he reminded after a draw 1: 1 with Germany favored in a preliminary match at Eden Kalas, but he did not believe that a valuable result could help him in the Cologne report. “I hope so, but I do not think so,” he smiled bitterly.

Kalas admitted that the unfortunate situation would be solved in the winter. “I left Chelsea to play regularly before the European Championship. And if it does not change, there must be a change, “he said. “The manager is in contact with Chelsea, there are clubs from England, Germany and the Netherlands, but nothing is specific,” he said.

But the decision to leave London does not regret. “It was the right decision.But I came across the fact that the coach gave a chance at the beginning of the season to players who fought for the first Bundesliga. There was no goal in the first four rounds, and then it was hard to change, “he said.

” Everything looked good too. Although you never have the guarantee to play, it depends only on you, but to London, Cologne has come to London to tell me how much I am. Then they told me in the preparation that they were happy and that I would play and did not play at all. I do not know what the problem is, nobody is really fun with me, “he complained.

Fighting for a home base for the home championship, Kalas complicates a two-year penalty for a red card in the previous Euro bar.In the same situation is another substitute from Germany – striker Václav Kadlec from Frankfurt. “Basically, we have been punished for three years,” he said, referring to the fact that a single-handed stopwatch can only serve in a competitive match, but the Czechs do not play as a host country.

“It’s sad because We beat Denmark (the first opponent on the Euro), we will not get a goal, so the coach will have no reason to change anything. Unfortunately, this can also close my door on the set, “Kalas said.