Cibulkova: I’m not a player who plays the 5: 0

“These are the most beautiful moments for which tennis player work hard, a lot of sacrifices. The most beautiful reward is the applause of fans in full arena. Adrenaline is gone, endorphins are passed along, I was quite happy, so I poskackala there, I enjoyed the atmosphere. I finally get it deserved. I always traveled here well prepared and I did not work a lot of matches. Or I admitted to myself a lot of pressure, and I did not follow through. Until now, finally a great victory. “

” The state 5: 0 I hurried some ball and risked not gone out, but still I remained calm. But the score 5: 4 I gave the very first backhand into the net and you said enough!Hello, hello, I’m still a player that Dokaka here and play from 5: 0th I was focused and the score 40:30 I chased her and played excellent forehand over the line, which forced her to the car and was really a turning point. “

” I ignored it. It is a traditional part of the tactics. Great player like Maria and Serena try everything to bring forth grueling rhythm to turn development. Waiting for that grueling tempted by chance. Sharapova stayed on the administration, let me wait for a few times you threw the ball, but that did not stop me. Last year I worked enough on mental strength, enhance mental and I have expressed it.I am very happy, because in the past it has also clutter up things. “

” It will be extremely difficult game. Simona is a dangerous aug. It is higher in the rankings last year has had an incredible season, winning six tournaments. It is mentally and physically strong. Forwarded from 47th to 11th place, chose it as the best player of the improvements will fight for every ball. “

” I’m going from match to match. I would hate suffered under pressure than in the past. I love this game and I am very good tennis player, but I do not need two opponents – one on the other side of the net and even themselves. I’d rather just play against one. “