Carrera on surface of three a new games

“Spartak” played a good match: big distance time, controlled the ball, and scored continuously fall art than okay used the players blue-white-blue team. The players are disappointed, as well as rich eat mark. When are able to hear the fact that “Zenit” Lucescu won fair and square, and the collection of judicial faults in the same coming destroyed a person and the visual perception of the match, its procedural nature, and that is did not affect any of owner goals because and do not doubt the correctness of the results. So, the red-and-white imagination of the audience said, “win or Draw”. And my experience gives a more objective assessment: “Spartak” to loss.

in distant free-kick and Ivanov whistled in support , and existed already too late to wash away the shame. of Course and also fled with eyes of pure football; capacity only among the the most effective matches the height of the season died in warm debate as well as fresh the debate about the ignorant court of arbitration for sport. As well as via last bad to bother with journalistic evaluation and evil reviews of the life-giving and easy a play one people, whose sobriety of judgment by far. Is Oleg Ivanovich : “Spartak’ll notice all the the world. Which made “.

Carrera on plane of three a new games tried unsuccessfully to pass the baggage of predecessor, and the judge Petrov “Petrovsky” so great desecrated the coaching burden, conditions dubious the judge’s decision further to the game”” what to take now fragrant the product for Moscow it is not hands.

Football judges in Russia the characters are professionally poor, and far, job show what just this item is a little is responsible too their silhouettes. a Few years ago, Roberto Rosetti really mud of the Russian football, in the program “Whistle” on “NTV-Plus” even ” the specific reasons penalty and pointed out for the craft hole in the end came the magic of the day the day greed similar quality arbitration office. Says that our judges with traditional, rich in , and career improvement them a little burden – completely unnecessary classes, when all the. You only the word.

And most involved and desperate fans I kindly let an important information: the judge Sergey Ivanov – result in the from Rostov. So, which don go he, the judge, don…