Biathlon, MS: Relay title for Germany, Slovaks 14.

ÖSTERSUND February 12 (SITA) – The German quartet, Sabrina Buchholz, Magdalena Neuner, Andreas Birnbacher and Michael Greis, won the Mixed Race at the 42st World Championships in biathlon in Östersund, Sweden at 2×6 + 2×7.5 km.

Magdalena Neuner won the decisive one-minute lead over the rest of the starting field, with only silver and bronze being fought from half the race. On the other occasions, it has been constantly changing, the candidates for the remaining medals were up to the end a few. The latter eventually reached the goal of Bielorus in the team Ľudmila Kalinčiková, Darja Domračevová, Rustam Valjulin, Sergey Novikov.Favored Russians Svetlana Slepcov, Ekaterina Jurievova, Nikolai Kruglov and Dmitriy Jarošenko had to satisfy themselves with bronze, when they had a chance for a better place to fly in the third section, where Kruglov had to go after shooting in the spotlight.Defenders of last year’s gold in the Italian Anterselve championship of the Swedes reached the finish line in fourth place.

The chances of the Slovaks in the composition of Martin Halinárová, Janka Gereková, Marek Matiaško and Pavol Hurajt were busting Janka Gereková, who with eight rounds shot down only three targets, had to pass two criminal circuits, dropped almost to the tail 19-member starting field and although Marek Matiaško on third and Pavol Hurajt on the fourth section did what they could, better than the 14th place they did not catch. “I’m struggling with the race, Martin Halinárová, who had a flawless shot but Janka Gereková missed all the spare charges and still had to go to the penalty circuits.We got out of the train and he just walked away. The boys were fighting what it was. Paly Hurajt, who finished the fight with his 13th place with Aidarov in Ukraine, was drunk by the soldier. Damn the Jankine Shooting. On Saturday’s snare, she fired the first item flawlessly and then when she chopped. Since then nothing has come of it. We thought she would catch up in the relay, but her suffering continues, “Milan Gašperčík, coach of the women’s team, told the SITA agency.

On Wednesday, the championship continues with the endurance races of women at 15 km with the start at 17.15. / P>


1. Germany (Sabrina Buchholz, Magdalena Neuner, Andreas Birnbacher and Michael Greis) 1: 12.20.5 h (0 penalties + 6 recharges)Belarus (Ľudmila Kalinčiková, Darja Domračevová, Rustam Valjulin, Sergey Novikov) +52.6 s (0 + 4), 3. Russia (Svetlana Slepcovova, Jekaterina Jurievova, Nikolaj Kruglov, Dmitry Jarošenko) +1: 02.9 min +9), 4. Sweden (Helena Jonsson, Anna Carin Olofsson, Björn Ferry, Carl Johan Bergman) +1: 06.8 (0 + 9) 5. Italy (Michaela Ponzová, Roberta Fiandinová, Rene Laurent Vuillermoz, Christian de Lorenzi) +1: 24.9 (0 + 7), 6. Poland (Krystyna Palkova, Magdalena Gwizdoňova, Krzysztof Plywaczyk, Tomasz Sikora) +1: 44.5 (1 + 9) 9 (0 + 12), 8. Norway +2: 49.5 (0 + 8), 9. Slovenia +2: 56.5 (4 + 8) )…14. SLOVAKIA (Martina Halinárová, Janka Gereková, Marek Matiasko, Pavol Hurajt) +4: 17,7 (2 + 9)