Biathlon happiness of husbands. Legendu motivated for bronze medal after delivery

The medal day was spent by biathlon married couples Darja Domračevová and Ole Einar Björndalen at the world championship in Hochfilzen. Belarus, who came back in January after a 22-month pause and four months after the birth, died in the morning fighter second. The famous Nor was a third hour later, adding a 45th medal from the World Cup to his record collection.

“We have something to celebrate,” he said happily at the Björndalen press conference. “The bronze is like gold for me because I’m the winners for the first time in the season,” said a 36-year-old Norwegian biathlete. His wife also shone with happiness after the race. “It’s like a dream, a dreamed medal.”

The 30-year-old Domračev added to the collection the seventh medal from the World Cup.The last one she won four years ago in New Town in Moravia, where she won a mass race.

Belarus has cured the mononucleosis, pausing with Björndalen last year and Xenie’s daughter was born on October 1st. Already at the beginning of January, Domračev appeared for the first time in Oberhof.

“My goal is the World Championship in Hochfilzen,” she said at the German Center. In the SP races she indicated she could once again come to the top. “But the most difficult thing was to put the biathlon together, either by shooting or running,” she said.

This was true in the championship sprint, after the shooting, three penalty bouts ran down to 27th place.She fired twenty times in the fighter and kept Gabriel Koukal in the silver finishing. “Everything is sitting on me,” praised the little girl from Minsk.

Domračevová, who prepared the skis by the former German service chief Daniel Müller, showed how fighters can. “They call me the queen of returns, and now I have confirmed it,” Domračev smiled, while Xany guarded the nannies at the hotel.

But her career has already shown better fighters. The highlight took place at the World Championship in Pchjongchang in 2009, where it moved from the 53rd place to fifth.

Björndalen watched his wife’s performance on television.

“I knew it was in the form, But she did not know she was in such a way. She had a wonderful race and motivated me, “he said.He fired from the eighth place and, as Domračevová, shot exactly. He was second in the final round, but Johannes Bö was overtaken by his fellow countryman.

The couple won the medal at the biathlon championship after 13 years. Raphaël and Liv Grete Poiree at Oberhof 2004 lastly.