A hard day for Hertl, the Sharks exchanged his friend. I miss you, he wrote

Tomáš Hertl, the Czech striker, is experiencing a sad period in the NHL. Not only did he not play for injury since November, the Sharks have now exchanged his friend and partner Tommy Wingels for Ottawa. “Today is a hard day, I miss you best friend. I wish you only the best and remember that the fun always has to be, “wrote a Czech attacker on Twitter.

Since Hertl appeared in the NHL, he was a partner, and the American attacker was as stupid as the little guys , Where they were laughing, but Wingels’ performances have not been as promised as they have ever been.

Season 2013/14 was the first oversea for Hertl, and Wingels was the first Full year at Sharks.He managed to score 38 points in 77 games, he was quick and agile and gave the whole team energy. But this point has never exceeded this point.

The next season he scored two points less, in the following year the next collection was half and he was not anybody else this year. Five goals and eight points at seventy matches are simply few. His position was taken by others, and paradoxically, with the possible return of Hertl, suddenly he began to be overpowered on the inventory. That’s why the exchange has come.

What Wingels did not manage to collect in goals and points, he took on sympathy. It’s hard to find a more popular hump in the cloakroom. “The business is cruel. I wish only the best world teammate.Tommy Wingels is a great kid and we will be missing, “wrote Logan Couture on one of the leaders of the Logan Couture team.

” Good luck to one of the best partners here, Tomáš Hertl is now completely lost, “he wrote another colleague Brenden Dillon.

Due to its nature, but Wingels had a very good reputation among journalists, they also accompanied the attacker for a new contract only with the superlatives. “I am definitely adding to all those who have considered Wingels’ work attitude and his behavior outside the ice,” wrote David Pollak, who has been covering the San Jose team for years.

A new way for Wingels begins on Thursday, fight Calgary.